Review: The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter

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Review: The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter
The Scribe

3 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 15, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Irin Chronicles #1
Published by E. Hunter
Narrator: Zachary Webber
Length: 9 hrs and 24 mins
Pages: 306
Format: Audiobook

“…if you want a paranormal romance that truly feels original you may want to give this series a try.”
~ Under the Covers

This book has been on my radar for quite some time.  This whole series, actually.  I admit it’s because of the gorgeous covers but once I read the blurbs it really felt like something unique that I hadn’t quite read before.  I’m really glad I gave this book a try for Romanceopoly and got started in this world.

I am always looking for settings that are new and exciting and THE SCRIBE definitely delivered that.  This book is set in Turkey and it also has a different take on mythology and angels than what I’ve read before, along with some magic thrown in as well.

Our heroine, Ava, has always heard voices.  She hears these voices in a language that she has never been able to figure out what it is.  She’s always felt like an outcast and as if something was wrong with her.  So she finds a doctor that can help her in Istanbul but instead discovers that she’s not entirely human and there are forces and battles all around her between good and evil and she’s now part of that world.  Malachi is a warrior and a bit of a grumpy old man to his “brothers”.  In a way their romance had some elements of fated mates weaved through that I think were done well.  My only complain is that to me Ava and Malachi were just a lukewarm pairing.  That could be because the pace of this novel is a bit slower.

While I have not read the Discovery of Witches novels, I did watch the show recently and this book gave me some of the vibes of that story.  This paranormal society and the evil ones they are battling.  As slow as I felt some of the setup in this book was, I still have enough unanswered questions about the Irin in general.  I thought there could’ve been more development in this one book than what we got as some of the “sitting around” scenes could’ve been shorter or deleted.

Still I found this world interesting and full warning that this ends in a cliffhanger and Ava and Malachi’s story continues in book 2 (not sure if their story goes further than that).  I’ll definitely be picking up the next one because now I’m left hanging and hopefully that one will fill in the gaps this one didn’t.  Maybe it’s just first book syndrome?

However, if you want a paranormal romance that truly feels original you may want to give this series a try.


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About Elizabeth Hunter

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international bestselling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery. Based in Central California, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family.

She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books world-wide. She is the author of Love Stories on 7th and Main, the Elemental Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.


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Amy R

I really enjoyed this audiobook and I loved the narrator.


I enjoyed her elementals series so I’ll have to try this.

Sophia Rose

I read a novella from the world of this series that takes place further in and it had me intrigued to start from the beginning. Good to know what your thoughts are on it. I like the heads up before I dive in at some point.


This has been sitting on my kindle for a few years I need to read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Francesca