Top Shelf Reads: February 2019

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Each of us girls have very definite tastes here at Under the Covers. We know what we like and we get excited about sharing this with you. We can’t help but share when our favourite books are coming out and want to share the joy with as many people as we can. And this is one of the ways we want to do it. Each month we will give you our pick of the bunch, the cream of the crop, the top shelf books! Basically, the ones that we are just itching for you to get your hands on. The kind of books where the year wait is always worth it; where you may have drawn plans to go a little Kathy Bates, but with less sledgehammer action and more hot cups of tea and custard creams – we don’t want to scare the muse away after all. These are the books we are just dying for you to read next month!

[new-release title=”Devil’s Daughter” author=”Lisa Kleypas”]

Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas is one of my most anticipated reads of 2019. Not only because Kleypas is one of my favourite authors, but because I have been dying to learn more about the hero since he first appeared in Cold-Hearted Rake. West Ravenel has had quite the character arc in this series and we see it come into glorious fruition in Devil’s Daughter. I guarantee he will be your next book boyfriend. Phoebe our heroine in the daughter of familiar figures if you are a Kleypas fan – Sebastian and Evie from Devil in Winter – and I loved seeing this glimpse into the life of a previous hero and heroine I have adored. She was also a fantastic heroine in her own right. A widow with two young sons, I really loved her strength and her humour. I predict Phoebe and West will be one of my favourite couples of 2019.

[new-release title=”Devil’s Daughter” author=”Lisa Kleypas”]

It really should come as no surprise that this book is on this list, repeatedly.  Devil’s Daughter was my most anticipated read of the year probably. At the very least top 2!  There were many reasons to be excited about this book but top of that list was the fact this was West Ravenel’s story, a character I’ve come to love throughout this series because of how much he’s changed and grown.  And the fact that the heroine is Sebastian and Evie’s oldest daughter.  If there is one thing you can expect from Lisa Kleypas is a romance like no other that will literally sweep you off your feet and Devil’s Daughter delivers that.  West is now firmly placed in my book boyfriend list (probably favorite in this series) and all the butterflies I had reading this story made this a book you won’t want to miss.

[new-release title=”Devil’s Daughter” author=”Lisa Kleypas”]

DEVIL’S DAUGHTER is one of my most anticipated books of the year so I had some pretty high expectations going into this book. I’m happy to note that this book is everything that I wanted and more. Lisa Kleypas always delivers a fantastic read, but I feel a special connection with her books because I feel like the books of late have been getting less and less unique and good. But Kleypas quality remains the same. This book kind of reminded me of why I love to read the Romance genre.


[new-release title=”Lost Souls” author=”Chelsea Mueller”]

Chelsea Mueller’s third installment of Soul Charmer comes out at the end of February and I can tell you that this installment is the best one yet. Callie Delgado’s story continues as she takes over this “soul collecting” business and this time she has to go against another mob who wants the business for himself. Yep, this story just a got a little more exciting. If you like urban fantasy with a bit of soul, this series might be for you.


What book are you most anticipating in February?
Let us know in the comment box below!


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Unfortunately, Lisa Kleypas is a hit or miss author for me. However, I have been seeing the soul charmer series and am interested in them.


Thanks for the recs! The Risk by Elle Kennedy

Kathy Valentine

I love Lisa kleypas!!! Love all her books!! Shared on my socials!


Devil’s Daughter

Dawn M. Roberto

Not a big fan of Lisa Klepyas right now. She is a hit or miss for me lately but am really eager to read the next soul charmer book as well as the new In Death book.