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Do you ever look at a series and promise yourself that you will read it…eventually? Well that’s how how Francesca and I (Suzanne) have been feeling about the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts). It’s been on both of our TBRs for so long and yet remained relatively untouched. The problem with much loved series like In Death is that it’s got a lot of hype. So many people love the books and all the characters. It’s a little daunting to take on the weight of that expectation. Also there’s the length! Have you seen how many books are in the series? It’s on book 48. That’s a lot of books to get through.

But, we aren’t going to try and get through all 48 books this year. Instead we are taking it slow and aim to read one book a month, getting us to book 12 by December. We will update you on our progress on social media as we read, in our wrap up videos at the end of the month and in a monthly post articulating our thoughts on the book.

This month we are tackling the fourth book in the series Rapture in Death.


[new-release title=”Rapture in Death” author=”J.D. Robb”]

What were your over all thoughts about this book?

Suzanne: Good points: Eve and Roarke are amazing. In fact, all the characters in this are amazing: Mavis, Eve’s best friend, Peabody Eve’s ‘sidekick’. I love them all. Bad points: This book was a lot slower than the previous ones in the series.

Francesca: Can I just repeat that I love Eve and Roarke over and over?  I think they are the strong driving force that keeps me coming back for more.  So yeah, overall, I really enjoyed this book.

The mystery aspect of the book, did it keep you hooked?

Suzanne: Actually. It kind of didn’t. The issues I had with this one was that unlike the other books, there wasn’t as fast paced rush to action. The feeling that if Eve didn’t break the case that bodies were going to start piling up in new and gruesome ways. There wasn’t any urgency in the same way there have been in the other books. So although the mystery in this book was interesting and I was heavily invested in the outcome, it didn’t hook me in the same way the others had. The big reveal was also disappointing in the sense that rather than Eve being her super smart self and working it out, she just accidentally stumbles upon the answer.

Francesca: It did!  Also, I really liked the fact that this time around it felt more futuristic if that makes sense.  I mean, these books were written in the 90s and they were supposed to be set far in the future, but I was missing a little of that technology and futuristic element.  So it was nice to see some of that involved in this crime.  It gave the story the feeling I’ve been waiting for.

Eve and Roarke, thoughts and feelings!

Suzanne: If the mystery aspect was disappointing, then the relationship between Eve and Roarke is what sky rocketed this book to awesome. With each book their relationship just gets stronger and sexier, more complex and interesting. But, some DARK stuff goes down in this book, so just a content warning that there is a scene of sexual assault. Why am I putting this in the Eve and Roarke section? Well, that’s complicated and you’ll need to read to find out.

Francesca: I love how with each installment their story really takes shape, their relationship deepens and strengthens.  And in many ways they don’t change.

Did you have a favourite scene in the book?

Suzanne: Hmmm, you know what. I’m not going to put an Eve and Roarke scene, even though they were excellent. Instead I really loved the buddy cop feel you have when Eve and Peabody are together. I love how these two really strong women work together, support one another and help one another succeed. All with some hilarious quips and one liners.

Francesca: I think I still have to love the scene at the very beginning where it shows that even on her honeymoon Eve is chasing down bad guys and finding dead bodies.  No rest for the wicked.

Did you do audiobook, ebook or book?

Suzanne: Ebook all the way!

Francesca: I did the audiobook again and as always I can’t recommend it enough.

How would you rate Rapture in Death?

Suzanne: 4 Stars

Francesca: I’m going with 4 stars for this one.

How are you feeling about starting the next book in the series Ceremony in Death?

Suzanne: Gimme gimme gimme!

Francesca: It’s always the same answer, I look forward to my monthly taste of Eve and Roarke.

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Have you read Rapture in Death?

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Amy R

Every time you post a review on this series I am more and more tempted to start it.

Sophia Rose

I enjoyed having a reunion with this one through your thoughts. Glad you both enjoyed it.


“Do you ever look at a series and promise yourself that you will read it…eventually?” Yes, I have many including this one


Eve and Roarke! Eve and Peabody! Eve and well just about all the characters 🙂

Diane Sallans

I Love this series (tho some of the books are creepier & scarier than others). I had read many of the Nora Roberts books, but had put off reading this series for years. But then a few years ago I gave it a try, then binged it & await each new one.