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Do you ever look at a series and promise yourself that you will read it…eventually? Well that’s how how Francesca and I (Suzanne) have been feeling about the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts). It’s been on both of our TBRs for so long and yet remained relatively untouched. The problem with much loved series like In Death is that it’s got a lot of hype. So many people love the books and all the characters. It’s a little daunting to take on the weight of that expectation. Also there’s the length! Have you seen how many books are in the series? It’s on book 48. That’s a lot of books to get through.

But, we aren’t going to try and get through all 48 books this year. Instead we are taking it slow and aim to read one book a month, getting us to book 12 by December. We will update you on our progress on social media as we read, in our wrap up videos at the end of the month and in a monthly post articulating our thoughts on the book.

This month we are tackling the second book in the series Glory in Death.


[new-release title=”Glory in Death” author=”J.D. Robb”]

The first book was fantastic, did the second book life up to that promise?

Suzanne: Yes it did! Naked in Death was a fantastic introduction to this series and the characters, Glory in Death just continued on the good work. This book was just as compelling, if not more so than, Naked in Death.

Francesca: It totally did for me.  I guess as opposed to Suzanne I found the first book better than this second but only marginally so.   I’m hooked and obsessed!

The mystery aspect of the book, did it keep you hooked?

Suzanne: It did, however, I guess pretty early on who the culprit was. I still enjoyed reading the story – after all, I could have been wrong! – especially as watching Eve investigate and work on a case is a fascinating insight into how her mind works. Although I didn’t like the mystery as much as the one in Naked in Death, it still had me turning the pages!

Francesca: I was having an off day, that’s what I’m going to think of this.  But while I suspected the main culprit immediately, I easily dismissed the possibility as well.  So I would say the mystery in this one got me more than the first one!  It was still done in a way that I didn’t want to stop reading.  And when Eve finally figures things out, the big clue was like a huge aha! moment for me.  How could I have missed it!?  Loved being so wrapped up in the story that I did.

Eve and Roarke, thoughts and feelings!

Suzanne: So, although I didn’t enjoy the thriller/mystery aspect of this book as much as Naked in Death, I thought the romance storyline in this book was fantastic. It’s masterful the way that Robb has done this. Robb has only had these two (relatively short!) books to develop the relationship between Eve and Roarke and yet the connection between them is incredible. How did she do it? Eve and Roarke both have complex pasts – most of which we don’t know the details of yet – which affect how they view their relationships. Robb has managed to weave in both their fears and insecurities into this book, as well as their magnetic attraction and admiration for one another.

You really felt Eve’s struggle in this book, both with her identity as her carefully controlled world is shock up by Roarke’s presence and with her past. She has become such a complex character and is fast becoming one of my favourite heroines. We see less of Roarke, but he, like Eve, is struck by their immediate and intense connection. For a man used to being in control of everything, he is learning to live with his love for the fiercely and independent Eve.

Francesca: The romance!  OMG.  Eve and Roarke are amazing.   I love how complex and strong they are apart, but also how well they can work together.  Their relationship is intense.  It was nice to see a bit of a shake up because the first book was so hard and fast that it was only natural to have some struggle.

Did you do audiobook, ebook or book?

Suzanne: Ebook all the way! Although I was looking online for some second hand paperbacks of this series. Not sure I have enough room on my bookshelf for every book in the series though!

Francesca: Audiobook for me.  I have collected the audios of this series for years so that’s what I’ll be “reading” all year long.  I am certainly loving the narration so that’s an extra perk.  I will say, I’m reeeeeally tempted to buy these in paperback for my shelves because I feel like I should have them as they are favorites.  But there’s so many books!

How would you rate Glory in Death?

Suzanne: 4 stars! I really liked it.

Francesca: Same, 4 Stars.

How are you feeling about starting the next book in the series Immortal in Death?

Suzanne: Can I start it now?

Francesca: Suz you better wait for me!  I am really looking forward to the next one.  I can’t wait to see what comes next for my favorite couple.

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Have you read Glory in Death?

Feel free to join us in our year long series read-along!

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Great review ladies, I need to get cracking on this series


I’ve read them all, and eagerly read the new titles in the series as they are released. But, I’m really enjoying your reviews–it fun to see your reaction to them from a fresh pair of eyes. Thank you, ladies!


I’m enjoying our buddyreads, and am really loving the series. Thanks for letting me be apart of your readalong.

Diane Sallans

I’d read most of Nora Roberts books, but not the In Death series. But a couple years ago decided to give them a shot. I binged the first 30 or so books and now await the release of each new one (just read the latest that released this week). And I’ve started working my way thru the series from the beginning again. I love that core characters interaction – Eve, Roarke, Summerset, Mavis, Nadine, Dr. Mira, Peabody & all the other police.


I’m enjoying the buddy read and review. I was intimidated by the number, but once you start you just can’t stop.

Sophia Rose

LOL! I was late to the party, too. I stopped at book twelve last December after my once a month reading schedule, but I do plan to read a few this year after my current binges are over. I’ve made them library reads because like you gals, I can’t fit that many on my shelves. 🙂

Kathy Valentine

Awesome buddy read ladies,great idea!!! Shared on my socials!??

Dawn M. Roberto

This series is one I autobuy each time there is a release and I reread the series periodically. Fabulous review and so glad you are loving Eve and Roarke

Amy R

Thanks for your reviews.