Romance Roundabout Challenge Wrap-Up + 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

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Another year in the books and this will sadly be the last year we host the Romance Roundabout Challenge.  But don’t despair, we have a NEW challenge prepared for you all for next year (will be announcing it tomorrow) and it still follows in the spirit of the Roundabout Challenge.  So we hope you join us for that.

But without any more delays, here’s our individual wrap-ups on how we did for this challenge in 2018!




How did you do on your yearly challenge?


Day 1 Prize Pack

SIGNED copy of HARD JUSTICE by Lori Foster
ARC copy of THE PLEASURES OF PASSION by Sabrina Jeffries
NEVER TRUST A PIRATE by Valerie Bowman
ARC copy of HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON by Lori Wilde
A TOUCH OF FLAME by Jo Goodman
ARC copy of BEYOND CONTROL by Kat Martin
THE PRINCE by Katharine Ashe
ARC copy of WINTER HALO by Keri Arthur
TOO HARD TO FORGET by Tessa Bailey
BABY, I’M HOWLING FOR YOU by Christine Warren
ARC copy of WIRED by Julie Garwood

One winner will receive the bundle of books above
Open internationally, sponsored by Under the Covers
Winners for all 12 Days of Christmas prizes
will be selected December 26, 2018


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Nina T

So far I’ve read 110 books out of 100. But many of those are novellas or books for college but I counted them in the challenge anyway.

Mary Preston

Read more than I expected to.


I completed it!

Sophia Rose

Loved seeing how you did and what you thought of your books and categories. I was able to finish with about 3/4 of my books coming from my original list. This was the first time in the three years I’ve done the challenge that I made a list. I loved how it helped me read more off my shelves and off my wish/recommendeds list. I mixed it up between new releases and dusty shelf books which was a good balance for me. I gave myself 15 categories and chose the Guru level. It was a shocker when Steampunk ended up… Read more »

Diane Sallans

I didn’t set a formal target – I just read pretty constantly, at least a couple hours every day.

Kathy Valentine

Awesome wrap up Francesca!! I’m not good at these book challenges!! Shared on all my socials!! Love your recommendations as always!!??

Another awesome wrap up suzanne!!! Like I told Francesca I’m not good at book challenges!!! I love all your recommendations!! Shared on all my socials!!??
I can’t wait to see what you ladies have planned for 2019!!!??

Kathy Valentine

Awesome wrap up annie!! Loved High voltage and Hello stranger!!! Great job!! Shared on all my socials!!??


I met my goal and am still going (and counting until 12.31!). I even read some books out of my usual go-to genres and was pleasantly surprised.


I lost track of how many books I read this year since I had 7 weeks of downtime thanks to my body deciding it hated me.

Chris Alexander

This has been my first Roundabout. I’m excited about what you will announce tomorrow. I’m on my second to last book. I might not finish. We’ll see. I should have doubled up at the beginning of the year. Sort of like I did with my GR reading challenge. I’m going to make that one. November and December are always slow reading months for me.


I completed my challenge and look forward to your new challenge next year.


I didn’t know about it, though I did well on shorter challenges…

Kim Perry

I completed my Goodreads challenge (187 books and counting), but I think I need to try making a list of some of the books and series that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t yet for next year.


420/200, but that has to do with signing up with the Audible Romance Package earlier this year!


don’t track it

Dawn M. Roberto

So far I read 104 books out of 85. Some were romance, others were not. But happy that I made it overmy target number this year since last year I missed it by 5 books.

Janie McGaugh

I read 206 books last year, and my goal is to beat that. Right now, I’m at 197, so I’m close!


I completed my challenge for this year. There are still so many books that I had planned to read that I didn’t get to, and new authors that I wanted to try. I’ve made myself a small list of books I hope to still read before the end of the year!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

I read 122 and my goal was 100. And bonus on 5 DNFs!

nancy jones

148 books so far.


I don’t set targets. I just pick up books by favorite authors and then try some new authors.


I already met my goal last month. I was hoping to reading 100 books, and I currently read 118.


I read 2 to 3 books a week so I beat my challenge

Jennifer Beyer

I started the challenge and didn’t keep up with it. But in the end I did try lots of different types of romance stories this year because I’m always looking for new stuff to read.

E. R.

This year, I really didn’t formally made a reading goal. I usually am fluid with my reading goals. But a tried-and-true reading goal that I try to reach is AT least read ONE book per month. And I was good except in January. Don’t know if I’ll be formally making a reading goal for next year. We’ll see.


I completed my challenge! Yay


Sincerly not good :/
Thank YOU UTC for the fantastic giveaway! 🙂

Artemis Giote

I have read more than I expected to. I had made a list but in the end I read different books. This year my obsession was the thrillers. Most of my books was in this genre.

Sue G.

I am at 95/110 so far. It ended up being a very busy year.


I exceeded my goal.

Amy R

I’m at 372 way over my 250 goal thanks to audiobooks and rereads.

John Smith

“Leave a comment and tell us how you did on your 2018 challenge?” Pretty well, I should say!


I think I did great. My challenge was 150 books and I’m at 158 books right now. And I’m a mom and I work full time.


I`ve read 60 books so far. My goal was 50, so yay – I compeleted it 🙂

Maria Theresa Santos

Not good


I dont really keep track, just read as much as I can! I got most of my TBR list this year done and then some extras!

Suzana T.

So far I read 200 books. I’d like next year to try 300 lol


I’ve been busy since October creating a blog (that will also feature one of my passions…books!) to do much reading lately.