Romance Rewind: Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas

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It’s no secret that we are massive fans of Lisa Kleypas here at Under the Covers. However, we usually like to rave about her historical romances. But, Kleypas’ skills aren’t limited to just that genre, she has also brought out a fantastic contemporary romance series with a twist of magical realism: the Friday Harbor series.

The Friday Harbor series is a unique and charming series, what I really loved about it is the magical element in each book. Kleypas infusion of the mystical really added to the atmosphere of the books and enhanced each of the love stories. But, it isn’t the magic or even the adorable small town setting that sets this series out from the crowd: it’s Kleypas’ expert hand at crafting relationships and love stories. No matter what the genre her writing and character development are second to none, it’s impossible not to fall in love with her heroes and heroines.

So, if you haven’t tried this series, give it a try! It’s uplifting and poignant stories are perfect for all times of the year, but they seem particularly special during this holiday season.


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Ive not heard of this series but lisa kleypas is a hit or miss for me.

Amy R

Thanks for the post. I haven’t tried this series.


I bought the first book last week, looking forward to reading it

Kathy Valentine

Fabulous series!!! I love these books!!! This is one of my very favorite series and Lisa kleypas is a fabulous storyteller!! Shared on all my socials!??