Review: Forever & Ever by Tere Michaels

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Review: Forever & Ever by Tere Michaels
Forever & Ever

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: December 25 2018
Genre: LGBT
Series: Faith Love and Devotion #7
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Format: eARC

“It’s a nice treat for readers who have been fans of the series and its definitely worth the read if you enjoyed the original series like I did.”
~ Under the Covers

Wow, it’s been a very, very long time since I have read anything by Tere Michaels and an even longer time since I read about Matt and Evan and all the others. Matt and Evan were one of the very first M/M stories I read and I really think they contributed to my love of the genre very early on.

It was nice to return to them and see the growth and development in the world and their relationship. I’ll be honest, since it has been years since I read the series, it took me a while to get back into these characters, but there’s just something so soft and serene about these stories that I really find comfort in them.

In these stories you’ll get updates on all the couples and their happily-ever-afters. I think it’s a nice treat for readers who have been fans of the series and its definitely worth the read if you enjoyed the original series like I did.


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About Tere Michaels

This bio would be more interesting if I could fictionalize it...

I am an East Coast girl (Metro NYC to be exact), born and bred and with some slight princess traits. For example, "camping" is staying in a hotel without a pool.

Writing has always been my dream, my goal, the way my brain and my heart found a happy place. When I was five my mom got me a subscription to a Disney magazine and precocious early reader that I was, I immediately caught on to the fact that someone, indeed, WROTE these stories. That it was a real profession and from then I was locked in to what I wanted to do.

Of course it took me til just past my fortieth birthday to fully succeed by having my first novel, "Faith & Fidelity" published, but I've been writing for decades and whether or not I made a dime, it was always my "must do" thing.

In the meantime I've freelanced, worked in offices, managed a bookstore, lived in LA, starved and prospered and became a married mom in the 'burbs.

Right now my wonderful husband and my darling son and I live in a cute house in the NJ suburbs; we share our abode with three cats, a hamster and approximately 100 fish (warning: when the pet store says "they're all male!" don't believe them). Life is good and I am beyond grateful to my family and friends and fans who've brought me to this point.

I love to talk to people about writing and books and my book(s) so feel free to drop a line at teremichaelsblog @


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Review: Forever & Ever by Tere Michaels
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It’s nice catching up with characters especially when it’s been a long time.

Amy R

Thanks for the review.


I have to check these out, thanks. Annie

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review annie! Sounds good! Shared on all my socials!??