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Pick It For Me Challenge: December 2018

Guys we are sorry to say this is the last Pick It For Me Challenge at least for the time being.  We have a few other things planned for 2019 and something had to be cut.  So enjoy our last PIFM giveaway!



Giveaway sponsored by Under the Covers
Win your choice of one of the books below



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I’m sad this is the last PIFM for a while but am looking forward to what you have planned.


Looking forward to what’s coming in 2019!


Thanks for this giveaway.

Kathy Valentine

I love these pick me challenges!!! Some great picks!! Shared on all my socials!!??

Sophia Rose

I do understand only having so much time and something having to go. Looking forward to what you all are cooking up for the new year.
Definitely thoughts and prayers with Annie’s family emergency. Ah, Suzanne, too bad you were unwell. Hope you are feeling better.
Yikes, I like Tillie Cole’s books, but I do not want to cry that much so I’ll take your word for how wonderful it is. She does have a way of digging at the emotions.

Mary Preston

Interesting choices thank you.

Janie McGaugh

Interesting picks. I haven’t read any of them, but I’ve been wanting to try out Ann Aguirre.


Perdition looks very interesting. Thanks for the great giveaway.


Thanks for this giveaway.

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

It’s a shame to see this part of the blog go, it was interesting to see others read something out of the norm, I’ve read Roni’s The One’s That Got Away series and i adore it. I’ve gushed about how original this series is and i’ve adored everything Roni’s has written !

Tammy V

The Ones Who Got Away was a great story. I liked the past and present working together in the story.

Amy R

The Ones Who Got Away was good, I have the audiobook for the 2nd book on my TBR pile.

Dawn M. Roberto

Thanks for the giveaway and am sad this is the last PIFM for now. Looking forward to 2019.

Anita H.

Sad that this the last one for now, always look forward to see what you ladies pick out. I haven’t read any of them yet but the Roni Loren interests me the most.


Love these choices <3


Perdition sounds amazing, I too am intruiged. I loved Tillie Cole and cried my heart out.