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Welcome to Under the Covers After Dark, this week we will be celebrating all thing paranormal! We love anything with a paranormal twist in it, but what we love the most is when our heroes are a little…extra. So, grab the popcorn, get a bucket of coke and settle in for a creature feature! Each day this week we are going to show your our favourite heroes, but we don’t mean ordinary men, nope we like our heroes to be a little wild and a lot paranormal. So be prepared from dragons, demons, angels, shifters and vampires to steal your heart away.

Today we are talking about our favourite vampires…

from Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
#1 London Steampunk series

Not only is there a lot to love about this world, but Blade remains as one of my favorite characters. His powerful personality is just as strong as his skills. If you love vampires with some attitude, then I’m sure that you will fall head over heels in love with Blade. He’s cunning, smart, and not to mention, very, very sexy to boot!

[new-release title=”Kiss of Steel” author=”Bec McMaster”]

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Sterling Chase
from Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
#10 Midnight Breed series

I love my tortured heroes and Chase has been through the ringer in this series!  He starts off as a “gentleman”.  A highly respected member of Breed society.  Some bad things happen and he becomes part of The Order and we seem him as a warrior.  Then more bad things happen and he becomes a dark shell of a man.  His book brings him back from the brink and I love the mix of incredible strength and vulnerability we get to see from him.  Rebel with a cause.  You’ll love to see this previously uptight hero lose all inhibitions.  Blood lust and raw, animalistic passion!

[new-release title=”Darker After Midnight” author=”Lara Adrian”]

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Lothaire, The Enemy of Old
from Lothaire by Kresley Cole
#12 Immortals After Dark series

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a true bad boy be a redeemed hero.  But I also don’t want to get a watered down version of that badass.  Meet Lothaire.  He’s self centered, egotistical and arrogant.  I love the vamps in this series because they are only “awakened” sexually by their bride and even this big bad has to follow that rule.  Like it or not.  There’s something heartbreaking about going under the surface of a truly devious character and finding out what made them the way they are.  But equally satisfying is seeing them learn to be happy and let others in while staying true to who they are now.  Wickedly sexy.

[new-release title=”Lothaire” author=”Kresley Cole”]

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from Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
#1 Night Prince series

Ruthless, unapologetic, fierce, intense and a little scary.  I like my vamps to have an edge of danger and Vlad has that in spades.  But he’s also fiercely loyal to the few he calls his friends and intensely protective of the woman that owns his heart.  To me, Vlad is the original bad boy and he can just as easily make my heart beat faster when he’s being swoony or when he’s cutting off heads.

[new-release title=”Once Burned” author=”Jeaniene Frost”]

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from Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
#1 Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Ah yes, the time has come to close this out with the one that rules them all.  It may not be necessarily that Wrath is everyone’s favorite vamp, but he occupies a place in the BDB world that is unlike any other.  Ruler of the Brotherhood and the Vampire race, Wrath has fought and overcome as many hard obstacles as the Fates have thrown at him.  The Blind King leads the Brothers fiercely but with love.  He gives himself fully to those he cares for.  He’s had to grow so much throughout the series, from a warrior with a responsibility he wanted nothing to do with to a true King.  It helps that he’s also incredibly sexy and looks like Jason Momoa.  Just saying.

[new-release title=”Dark Lover” author=”J.R. Ward”]

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 Who are your favorite vampires?

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Toss up between Wrath and Vlad.


I am in awe that you were able to only choose 5! This is probably the most difficult of the lists this week but Wrath and Bones would definitely be on my list.

Elli Gonzalez

Bones from the Night Huntress Series!! ?


Zsadist is my favorite!


Wrath, Rhage and Vishous!

Diane Sadler

My library does not carry JR Ward books anymore, I would love to readit.

Elaine G

Bones is my favorite.

Sophia Rose

I love all your picks. I’d add Mircea from Karen Chance’s books, Misha from Cecy Robson’s series, Rebecca Zanetti’s Kayrs brothers, and I’m a Stefan fan from Patricia Briggs’ books.

Kathy Valentine

Fabulous vampire creature feature countdown!!! I’ve read all books except for kiss of steel !! Can’t wait !! I love all these sexy hot vamps from wrath to sterling to bad boy vlad and lothaire too!! Awesome job ladies!!??
Shared on all my socials!!??

Debbie A.

This would be a tough list to come up with. So many vampires to choose from! Vishous is my #1 and I do enjoy Dianne Duvall’s vampires and Rebecca Zannetti’s.

E. R.

I luv Lothaire! He’s #AmazeBalls. Not sure yet if I have a fave vampire hero, but for now, I guess Lothaire.

Cristina Sandoval T.

My favorite vampires are Vishous from the Blackdagger Brotherhood series and Lestat from the vampire chronicles 😉

Janie McGaugh

There are so many great “vampire” heroes out there! Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series is probably still my favorite.


My favorite vamp is Vishous. He will always be #1 to me. No other character quite like V.


One of my favorite is Zsadist

Andi Zs

I love the BDB series and Z is my favorite. ❤ Thanks for the chance!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Jean-Claude From Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. All of the BDB by JR Ward, but im partial to Qhuinn and Blay because i enjoy the M/M and all the angst that went with the coupling. Kresley Cole’s Vamps, Laura Adrian’s vampires, Lairssa Ione’s vampires and Gena Showalter’s are also favorites.


OMG I completely forgot about jean claude!




I love Bones but I alos really really love Lothaire….. dont make me choose!!

Zsofia T

I can’t choose, I could say Dmitri or Naasir (if he counts), or almost any of the BDB, and a lot of others from other series. So I am just going to say my newest one: IAN!


Dmitri from the Guild Hunter series is a bit of a fave!!! 🙂

Kim Perry

I’m going to go with the BDB. It’s so hard to choose between all of them!


Bones from the Night Huntress Series.

Amy R

Sam and Jared from the Deep In Your Veins series by Suzanne Wright