Rollback Reads: October 2018

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So my dear friends, let us rollback to the days of yore, when the books were paper only and a kindle was but a dream. Well, I may be exaggerating! But with Rollback Reads, we want to celebrate some of the older books that we have read in the month. Whether they really are before the time of kindles or were just last year. We wanted to give some space to books that may no longer be in the spotlight, but are still worth highlighting … or ranting about. So please come and join us in our discussions of these rollback reads!


My rollback reads have been scarce to almost  non-existent this month! I’ve been focusing on trying to catch up with my review books – which I have been woefully awful at as well. I seem to have lost my reading mojo, I think I just need to find a book or two that reels me in to get my spark back again. Although I did start my reading of the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones and read First Grave on the Right.  I liked it, it was definitely a fun read; however, I think I have heard too much hype! I know Angela adores these books so I think I went expecting it to rock my world. Unfortunately it didn’t, but it did make me laugh so I finished the book feeling happy but not raving.

For my first rollback read for the month I tried another Sarah Dessen novel called THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER and although I liked it, it didn’t beat the first book I’ve tried by her. Nevertheless, I do like her clear writing style and penchant for writing really realistic relationships. DEATH BELOW STAIRS by Jennifer Ashley was my choice for Pick It for Me and unfortunately, this one didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I don’t think I will continue reading this series. My favorite rollback read has to be DEATH OF A CHRISTMAS CATERER by Lee Hollis. This series always seems to be a hit with me. I love the light quality of writing because it makes it super quick and easy to read and I adore all the characters, even the “bad” ones. As you can see, I’m already starting on the holiday reads and I’m looking forward to going back to read some more in the next month!

I have finally started reading a series that’s been on my TBR for a long time with HOT AND BOTHERED by Elle Kennedy.  She’s one of my fave authors and I’m excited to see what this series will bring.  That was for the Romance Roundabout Challenge.  For that I also picked up RADIANCE by Grace Draven.  I thought I would enjoy it more than I did although it was a good read.  Just a little too slow for me.  And last for the challenge, ACCIDENTAL ABDUCTION by Eve Langlais.  I’ve always said it’s safe to say I’m not the biggest sci fi/alien romance fan but it was still a short fun read.

The other few older releases I picked up were LEGS by Kelly Siskind, which was a little underwhelming from what I expected.  THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE by Jenn LeBlanc hit the time travel spot for me.  DEAD OF NIGHT by Jonathan Maberry was perfect for the Halloween mood.  And A STUDY IN SCARLET WOMEN by Sherry Thomas was a really cool female Sherlock Holmes story, I can’t wait to read more from this series.

Our friend and guest reviewer, Pilar finally convinced me to binge read/listen to Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley. I’m on book five now and enjoying the books for the most part.  It’s definitely entertaining to watch these Rock Chicks nab their HEA with these cavemen/alpha men.  Sometimes a little over the top in some things but overall, I’m enjoying the stories.  Suzanne’s advice to me was “don’t take them too seriously” and enjoy the books as they are.  Good tip, because they are definitely enjoyable.

Have you read any older books this month?



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Kathleen Bylsma

Yep! all athors I like and some of the books I’ve read… go , Charley!


I’m with Suzanne in that my older book reading was nonexistent this month. I did try a few new authors though.

Sophia Rose

Looks like you gals got to quite a few oldies. I’ve read some of them and agree that they are likeable if not sensational. 🙂 I spent more time on newer than older books this month, but was glad to get in Wildfire by Ilona Andrews, Witness in Death by JD Robb and catch up on some older Melinda Leigh romantic suspenses.
And, Suzanne, I hope the Charley books get better for you if you keep going. 🙂

Kathy Valentine

Some great rollbacks ladies!! Have some on my tbr gr list!! No rollbacks for me. Shared on all my socials!!??


No, I didn’t get to read any older books last month

Amy R

I’ve read some older Max Monroe, Theresa Hissong, Suzanne Wright, Kelly Bowen, Helen Harper, Natasha Madison, Alexa Riley, Kristen Ashley, Avery Flynn, S.E. Smith, Rhenna Morgan and Jaye Wells.