Review: Willa’s Beast by Ruby Dixon

Review: Willa’s Beast by Ruby Dixon
Willa's Beast

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 5th 2018
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Icehome #3
Format: eBook

“There’s only so many ways of saying I LOVED IT, LET THE ALIEN HAVE ME, that I can come up with. ”
~ Under the Covers

Willa’s been watching the way these strange blue, behorned…aliens have been treating Gren. He may look like a wild untamed beast, but he’s still a person and the more they treat him like an animal, the more he fights. So, although the blue aliens have been nothing but kind to her and her fellow humans after rescuing them from a crashed spaceship, she starts formulating a plan to free Gren and escape Icehome.

I feel like my reviews of Ruby Dixon’s books are becoming slightly repetitive. There’s only so many ways of saying I LOVED IT, LET THE ALIEN HAVE ME, that I can come up with. Although Willa’s Beast has been successful at shifting my day dreams away from sexy blue and horny aliens to scarred and growly – think Beast from Beauty and the Beast – type aliens.

I recently did a post about heroes that fit in to the wild and untamed category. Heroes that are ferocious and instinctual, but strangely innocent of normal social conventions. Gren fits perfectly into this breed of hero. Created by slavers, he was expected to fight and then die for a crowd’s entertainment and his owner’s bank account. He’s never experienced kindness of care from anyone, until Willa.

Willa knows about real monsters, having been raised by them. She knows that a beautiful appearance doesn’t mean anything, her mother was beautiful but she was a beast. Gren, despite his beastly appearance is no monster. I loved Willa’s devotion to Gren, and my favourite part of this book was the beginning when they just escaped and were surviving together and before they knew each others language. Dixon managed to quickly develop a bond between them that was both sweet but rife with sexual tension.

This was another great alien romance by Ruby Dixon. The story managed to be both sexy as hell but incredibly sweet. And, as well as the romance, we get to see the other people in Icehome and the possible developing romances that Dixon is building. I can’t wait to see who will be resonating next!


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About Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.


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Review: Willa\'s Beast by Ruby Dixon
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Amy R

Thanks for the review, I’ve been listening to these on audio.


Love ruby dixon!

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review suzanne!! Love this cover on my tbr gr list!Shared on all my socials!!??


Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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