Review: Slouch Witch by Helen Harper

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Review: Slouch Witch by Helen Harper
Slouch Witch

4 Stars

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Released: June 8th 2017
Genre: Urban Fantasy

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I really loved this book, it was a lot of fun…
~ Under the Covers

Although Ivy Wilde is a powerful witch she prefers chilling out on her sofa with a plethora of snacks watching her favourite reality TV show Enchantment. However, her quiet and lazy life quickly gets disrupted when she is roped into investigating a theft at the witches college. The witches college that expelled her 9 years ago. Now, she is not only having to wake up disgustingly early, but she has to work with the gorgeous but very straight laced Raphael Winter.

The urban fantasy is packed full of action packed, gritty and complex series and I love them. But, what I also love is a series that takes it self less seriously and allows you to have fun, which is exactly what you have with Slouch Witch the first in The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series.

Helen Harper takes us to Oxford, England and into the life of Ivy Wilde. Ivy likes to be comfortable, rather than long walks on the beach, she prefers long sleeps on the sofa. She is my kind of heroine. However, although Ivy seems like a bit of a bum, she is actually a very powerful and clever witch…when she puts her mind to it. And, when she is forced to help out on an investigation due to some magic bumbling by another witch she demonstrates what she’s capable of.

I really liked Ivy’s character, she was so much fun with her sarcastic brand of humour and quick wit. She loved her life and didn’t care that other people may look down on her. She was the perfect foil to the uptight Winter. They were a great pair and despite being completely opposites they brought out the best in one another. Both in a professional sense as they tracked down the thief turned murderer and in the romantic sense.

… it did afford me a very enjoyable view of his arse, which was particularly tight and well-rounded specimen. He might have had a rod jammed up it but that didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate the way it was put together.

They mystery they were investigating was okay and served as a great vehicle for showing off Harper’s new world and introducing the characters. But, by itself it wasn’t that exciting, but it was a lot of fun tagging along as Winter and Ivy investigated together.

I really loved this book, it was a lot of fun, from Ivy’s talking cat who is either demanding food or spiting out expletives to Ivy’s off beat sense of humour. The only reason I didn’t give this a full 5 stars is because although the mystery element of the plot was okay, it wasn’t that exciting. However, I can’t wait to see what happens next for Ivy and Winter and will be immediately grabbing the next book in the series.


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Amy R

I’ve added these to my wishlist and my library has the audios.


I just received this as a recommendation. Thanks!

Sophia Rose

I liked this one, too. Her cat was a hoot.


Sometimes, a nice light read is exactly what you need and there aren’t very many UF series that fit that bill. I’ve read all of the books in this series and enjoyed them all.

Kathy Valentine

Fabulous review suzanne!! Love the cover too!! Shared on all my socials!!??


Thanks for the rec Suzanne