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Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: Why I Love Romance


I’ve been a reader for most of my life.  While I know a lot of romance readers come to it because they had family members (moms, grandmothers, etc) that loved the genre and would leave the books laying around for them to pick up, that wasn’t the case with me.  Both of my parents were readers, so the desire to pick up a book was always something that I saw growing up.  However, no romance books in sight.  I remember reading things like mysteries and thrillers and the occasional non-fiction book with my father (I vividly remember how I devoured IN GOD’S NAME by David Yallop before it went out of print in less than a day and then we were both able to discuss it).  But romance was never something that I even considered seeking.  Really, I stumbled across it and took some time for me to come around and be an avid reader of romance.

Recently, the question has popped up repeatedly across the internet and I thought it would be fun if we all talked about how we started reading romance and why we love it.  So please share with me in the comments!

Even if diving into romance was a gradual process for me and I really came to it through my love of everything paranormal, I’ve stayed and I love it for several reasons.  Maybe not the same as some of you.

I feel like the most common phrase amongst romance readers could be: ‘As long as there’s an HEA, I’ll read anything’.  Or ‘I read for the escape’.  I may be the odd one out, but having an HEA doesn’t make it good enough for me.  And my choice of escape doesn’t mean it has to be a perfect and happy fairytale.  Yes, I love being transported to worlds (and characters) created by the author so that’s an escape in some way.  But I don’t expect it to take me exclusively to a happy place.  I’m ok with tragedy, raw emotions, sadness, difficult subjects.  I am ok with real life reflecting in my romances instead of only the rose colored versions.  And here’s why.

I read romance because it’s the one genre that goes a little deeper into incorporating human emotions along with a great story.  Like the perfect combination of everything that makes up real life.  And that real life doesn’t have to be beautiful.  Sometimes, it just sucks.  And I personally love seeing stories that explore all parts of life.  The pretty and happy, as well as the horrible and sad.  I want to experience other people’s lives but not just to escape mine into a happy reality.  I want authors to make me experience someone else’s feelings.  What would it be like if I was in that situation?  And romance is a great genre to do that.  That’s why I love it, and why I’ll probably always continue reading it.

Maybe not the most popular opinion in my reason to read romance.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fluffy feel good romance that doesn’t have to be too serious or too deep.  Sometimes I need exactly that or I can be in the mood for it.  But even then, I try to pick up authors that can tell that story in a great way.

I guess you can say I don’t want surface level romance.  That’s not what I read it for.  And it’s certainly not for the sexy times, as I find myself reading less and less of the heavily sexualized stuff.  Nowadays, I feel there are less authors that can deliver a deep AND erotic read.  But that’s a topic for another day.

So, why do you read/love romance?


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Well said. I enjoy romance for the escape and yes an HEA. However, the it doesn’t necessarily have to be the characters end up with their soul mate. If they explored the relationship and then a tragedy occurred, I enjoyed reading about the time they were able to spend with that person. So, I’m good with reading many types of storied romances but, yes, I do need there to be some type of happiness and I do prefer HEAs.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I certainly prefer HEAs as well. I probably only read a few non HEA books a year if that. But I certainly enjoy the heck out of the journey if it’s done well.

Geralynn R Ross

I started reading romance at 9 when I discovered Jane Eyre. I could only get my books from the library. So, I ended up with a lot of historical fiction. Which I loved. I love going to a different world. I was awkward and shy. And books taught about people,and emotions in way I could comprehend. I now tend to read sci-fi and fantasy. I love extensive world building. Whole new realities enthralling. Instalove bores the crap put of me. I want drama , conflict, real problem. Intelligent, interesting, flawed characters. I could do a Ted talk on books, LOL… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I feel very much the same way!! I want all that intricate stuff about characters. Figure out what makes them tick. And def on you on the instalove.

Sophia Rose

Both my parents were readers, too. It was my mom that got me onto romance, though. She read pretty much anything including non-fic books on politics, but she would also have historical romances lying around. She loved it when I was old enough to share her series with her so we could talk about them as we read. I’ve heard people say that they wouldn’t want their mom to see what they read, but it never got weird for some reason thanks to my mom who’s as open and straightforward as they come. As to why I read romance, my… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I struggle with contemporary romance same as you for the longest time. I always needed something else to balance it.

Kathy Valentine

My mom was a big reader,she read biographies,thrillers and mysteries. The only romance i saw her read were True Romance and True Confession magazines. I fell in love with romance when I started reading victoria holt who wrote gothic romance!!! I Read lots of gothic romances and I also loved Wuthering heights,read it about 5times!!! I love sex in my romances,but it has to have amazing characters and a good storyline!!! One of my fave authors of all time jude deveraux has a little sex,but her books are some of my favorite romances!! Another is Julie garwood!! A good romance… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I’m very much the same way. There’s something for every mood you’re in in romance.


I’ve been a reader pretty much my entire life, ever since I learned how to I never stopped. My mother is a reader and she would borrow books for me from the library. She inadvertently started my Romance obsession, she borrowed a book for me, it didn’t have it’s original cover so there was no blurb but it was a historical romance and I was hooked! I was ten or eleven at the time.

I love romance because it explores love and all its facets

Under the Covers Book Blog

Ahh that’s such a cute story!


When I was little, I loved fairy tales, and I read regular children’s fiction, too. But “borrowing” my mom’s Harlequins and reading the romances–hers were tame–were just fun to read. A lot were set in England or Scotland, and that seemed exotic. So, she pulled out her medical romances from the 60s and gave those to me–even tamer. By then I was hooked, so she bought me the teen romances from the Scholastic catalog. I do read other genres, but I always go back to romance. I love the journey to the HEA, the depth of emotion, and it brings… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I love that connection and memories!

Amy R

My mom read but it was horror and no way was I picking that up. My grandma and aunts read romance and I started young. I loved getting the book order forms from school and couldn’t wait for my stuff to come in. I also always participated in my schools Mark Twain yearly reading challenge. In 5th grade I started reading SVH and Couples series books and then stopped reading in my mid teens. I started reading again after my son told me I had to read Twilight and that snowballed into me picking all the Jane Austen books, SEP,… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I love how you got back into reading thanks to your son. <3 And I feel very much like you about Nicholas Sparks, btw.


I started reading romance because my much older sister gave me a Barbara Cartland novel, and it was one of our first acts of peer bonding. And the HEA is a fact, but what makes a romance a romance is the journey. I had one friend who loved angsty romances. I used to hand books to her saying, “you’re going to love this! They’re miserable for 300 pages!” 🙂 But the point wasn’t that misery, it was that this misery led to an HEA. Romances come in all shapes, types, and sizes. There’s something for everyone under our lovely HEA… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

That’s one of my favorite things about romance. There’s something for everyone!