Romance Rewind: Donovan Family by Victoria Dahl

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I recently noticed that one of my favorite contemporary romance series from many years ago got a cover makeover and that made me want to bring it back up and show it some love.  Maybe even bring it to your attention if you’ve never heard of it, or bump it back up your TBR.  Victoria Dahl is one of those contemporary romance authors that I always enjoy because she writes smart, sexy and fun romances.  I have to admit over the past few years I haven’t read many of her books and I definitely need to rectify that.  But today we are talking about the Donovan Family.

This series was previously called the Donovan Brothers Brewery because that’s where it’s set at and it’s based on 3 siblings.  It kicks off with the Donovan sister in GOOD GIRLS DON’T, moves on to the wild and carefree brother in BAD BOYS DO and closes out with the more serious brother that runs the business in REAL MEN WILL.


“You’re walking around here with a smile on your face, Asher. It’s freaking everybody out.” 

Tessa Donovan is a fun loving heroine, and you won’t be able to help but love her.  She torments her brothers and wants to do her job at the Brewery right.  When there’s an incident and someone breaks into the Brewery that’s where Luke comes in.  Small town cop and tortured hero, he doesn’t think sweet Tessa is a good fit for his bad self.  But Tessa is just the right kind of girl to make him putty on her hands.  This one is fun and don’t let the sweet (old) covers fool you, it’s also steamy!


“Do you have a French maid outfit just lying around?”
“No, it’s pressed and neatly folded.” He stood, picking her up as she threw her arms around his neck with a shriek. “Shhh. I’m just trying to liven up this boring sex for you.”

Yes, bad boy Jamie.  The new edition of this book also contains the prequel story for the series.  Jamie works as the bartender at the Brewery and his thing is to wear a kilt while doing it.  He’s the black sheep of the family and the public face of the company.  His reputation always precedes him.  So when he meets Olivia while she’s in for her book club meeting, he has to fight against that reputation if he wants to be seen as someone she can have a serious relationship with.  Olivia is divorced and she ends up as the teacher on a class that Jamie is taking which allows her to see a side of him that he doesn’t often show others.  But lets not forget the fact that Jamie is sex on a stick, right?  This book is another fun and sexy one!


“He though she was nothing more than a walking, talking sexual adventure. The irony of it was like a dull knife in her heart. She’d been real with him. For once, she’d been a real person in bed.”

Here comes the book about the stick in the mud brother.  By the time you get to this point you want even hate him a little bit because he’s acted like a judgmental ass.  But have faith and give it time.  Don’t be fooled by the khakis and polo shirts because the boy can be sexy, especially when it comes to the woman he has his sights on.  A one night stand and case of mistaken identity really made this one a memorable one for me.

I also want to point out that as much as I was brought back to thinking of this series because of the new covers (which are on the sexy side) I definitely love the old school covers so much more.  What’s your opinion on it?  Here are the old covers.


Be sure to pick up the whole trilogy!

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I hadn’t read these so thanks for the introduction. And, yes, the older covers were much better.

Monique D

I haven’t read them, and I also prefer the old covers; they stand out more. Knowing that the fabulous Victoria Helen Stone is Victoria Dahl makes this review even more interesting for me. Thank you!


Loved this series

Kathy Valentine

I love both the old and the new,but I like the revamp more. Their more sexy!! Shared on all my socials!!??

Amy R

I really enjoyed this series and I haven’t read Victoria Dahl in years.