Keeping It Reel: July 2018

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Take a seat, grab some popcorn and an ice refreshing beverage and lets Netflix and chill. No you dirty minded individuals not like that, we want to share with you some recommendations about what we are watching and listening to. For those times when you just need to put your book down and plonk in front of the TV and relax. Whether it’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, regular TV channels or a podcast, we are going to let you know what shows, films and podcasts we’ve been enjoying and share the love.

JULY 2018


I have a little bit to report, July was a month where I was jumping around what to watch.  You know I’ve been catching up with my DC Comics TV shows and I just wasn’t feeling Flash as much when I started.  So I watched one more episode of Krypton (season 1, episode 2 – this was available through my cable company’s on demand) I’m still not sold on this one and I didn’t continue watching anymore this month.  Maybe I’ll pick it back up, maybe not.  But I think it’s also harder to find on streaming platforms and I’ll be going off cable pretty soon, so that may make the decision for me.

Then I tried two new somethings.  Cloak and Dagger was the first one (this from Hulu).  A Marvel series, I started season 1 and got through episode 5.  It’s VERY slow, but there’s something that I feel like it would be cool so I’ve kept watching and will probably continue on just to see if anything big happens.  But if there’s no pay-off at the end or something wows me, I’ll be sadly disappointed.  So much wasted potential.

And then I decided to jump in on the old Dresden Files TV series.  One, because I have read some Dresden novellas and I really enjoyed Harry.  And two, because he’s played by Paul Blackthorne.  This series is old!  I watched a few episodes (it’s on Amazon!) and I am not too sure about the quality of the show enough to continue.  I often find that recreating magical themed urban fantasies makes them come off cheesy, and this definitely had that problem.

But then, I finally caved and started Flash again.  I chugged along with season 1, but then I ran through season 2 and I’m half way season 3 now.  Is it as good as Arrow?  Nope.  Am I in love with Barry?  Nope.  Do ship the main couple?  Nope.  Basically Barry is cute and adorable but will never be top dog in my book.  I actually think he inherited some personality traits from Oliver Queen because he gets as emo and annoying as him.  But that doesn’t make him a sexy superhero for me.  But the plot got interesting and it’s kept me interested.  The love connection?  I just don’t feel it.  Sorry, guys.  They just feel like good friends and siblings to me. :/

And one last thing to discuss here is READY PLAYER ONE.  So, I didn’t read the book, but I was really interested in watching the movie.  Wow, it did not disappoint.  It was just really well done, the graphics are stunning.  The concept was cool and different and I kinda wished I had read the book, but now I probably won’t because I watched the movie first.  I tend to do that.  But back to the movie.  It was soooo good.  I highly recommend it and especially watch out for the pop culture references to the 80’s and 90’s.  Just a lot of fun!



I don’t have much to report this month mostly because I didn’t finish the series that I said I would. I started Skip Beat! earlier in the month but didn’t continue on. I guess the storyline and romance didn’t capture my attention enough. Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the imagery. I did watch What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and very much enjoyed that though. It’s hilarious, sweet, and sexy, so it gets two thumbs up for me. It also has one of the best pilots I’ve seen in K-dramas so far. I’m still watching Let Go of My Baby. It’s an ongoing series so I’m happy that there’s still a lot more episodes to come. And lastly, I did watch Suicide Squad on Netflix, which was a surprise for me. I ended up liking it despite the several plot holes it had.



I don’t have much to report either.  I’ve been busy the past month and haven’t had time to watch as much as I would like.  However, DH and I have continued to watch The Originals. There are only five seasons and we are in the middle of the fourth.  Still loving the show, obviously. Not much to report that won’t give any spoilers, but I can tell you there has been heartbreaking deaths and annoying wolves.  And despite the annoying wolves, I’m dreading the end of this show. Ah well, we’ll savour every episode.


What are you all watching/listening to?
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Amy R

Still just watching cooking shows and HGTV.


Nothing ro report. I did watch the world cup though.


It was! I was in Spain for the final game, which was awesome! Everyone was so excited it was easy to get swept up in it.


I’m watching Claws season 2, Mr. Robot and re-watching Sons of Anarchy.

Kathy Valentine

I haven’t watched much tv or movies either this month!!! Between being outside for hours,sharing blog posts, doing emails and reading too,I don’t have much time for anything else!! Shared on all my socials!!


Haven’t started back watching tv as yet