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Book Haul + Giveaway: July 2018

book haul

It’s time for our weekly highlight.  I’m back with another book haul AND another giveaway.  It seems every month the list of books is getting bigger (there are over 70 books in this video, you guys!) so I tried to organize things a little bit on this video and I did digital books (ebooks/audiobooks) first then physical copies and last subscription boxes.  I also tried to keep it very short when talking about them because it’s sooo long! 😉  Have you read any of the books we talked about or are they on your TBR?

On this video you’ll also find my comparison between a Kindle Paperwhite and a Kindle Voyage since I just got myself a new Paperwhite and I’m retiring my Voyage (seems Amazon had the same idea as I don’t see it on their “new” kindles page).  So if you want to skip ahead to that, it’s around the 16:20 timestamp.

Now let’s hear it from Francesca!



Did you miss our last book haul video?  Click here.

Under the Covers is graciously giving away


One winner will receive THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY and THE ONE YOU CAN’T FORGET by Roni Loren (paperback, unsigned)


Two winners will receive the print of the 3 part WEDDING FROM HELL by J.R. Ward, which is the prequel to CONSUMED.  Excerpt from that included.



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lots of awesome books


Nice haul! Also, thanks for the comparison.

Lenna Hendershott

Wow, what a great contest prizes. I would love to win either!

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Amy R

I’m getting the following message -Technical issues with video – check back later so I’ll try to check back as I enjoy these videos.

Under the Covers Book Blog

It’s up now 🙂

Kathy Valentine

Awesome book haul and giveaway Francesca!! I really want to read two of the books you read . The accidental ‘s and Boy toy!! Both on my tbr gr list!! Over 22 books in july,that’s friggin awesome!! Shared on all my socials!!

Mary Preston

You can never have too many books.

Dawn Roberto

Great prize packs. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sophia Rose

I’ll have to catch your vid on You Tube. Neat that you got the new Paperwhite.

Under the Covers Book Blog

It’s finally up now.

You found some really good ones that I didn’t know existed so I loved catching your haul list. Glad for your opinion on the ereaders.


Can’t view the video unfortunately 🙁 I look forward to seeing it though because I’m obsessed with book hauls.

Under the Covers Book Blog

It’s up now Jamie, thanks!

Melissa Pereira

Thanks for the chance to win!


Thanks for all the recommendations.


Great haul and awesome giveaway. In the giveaway there is no link to share on facebook do I write my own post or copy from Twitter?

Under the Covers Book Blog

You can head to our page and share the post we have on there for this. It was from Sunday I believe. Or you can make your own.

Mineliz Medina

Wow I can’t get over how many books you got. Wish I could have just 1/4 of what you got.?


Another great haul

Kim Perry

That’s quite the book haul! There are so many series that I need to catch up on!

Jayne Changer

I love how you’re all “I haven’t started that series, I’m unlikely to read this book”. Keep being honest girl!


I’m just getting used to a new Paperwhite myself…


Great prize packs. Thanks for the giveaway!

Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

So many of my favorite authors !

Jennifer Beyer

I read Strange The Dreamer when it came out. It’s a rather odd book but I did enjoy it. The other books are all new to me.

Barbara Bates

Would love to win these great books! Thank you!


Thanks for the chance <3

Brandie Bridges

Great haul!!!!!

[…] Did you miss our last book haul video?  Click here. […]