If you’ve been following us for some time, you may remember our monthly Pick It for Me challenges on our GoodReads group.  We always had a lot of fun doing them but had to stop them some time ago.  Recently, we were trying to push books on each other and decided to bring this back in a modified way.  Each month one of us girls at UTC will pick a random book for another one to read.  The next month, we will do a mini review and give you guys the opportunity to win one of those three books.  Check out the giveaway at the end of this post!  Feel free to follow along and read one of these three as well this month!




Suzanne’s pick for Francesca…

Pick It For Me Challenge: July 2018
His Road Home
Book Info

Released: October 13th 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by Carina Press
Pages: 109

To avoid an Afghan warlord’s matchmaking, Staff Sergeant Rey Cruz invents a fiancée he’ll never meet—until he’s flat on his back in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and marine biologist Grace Kim shows up with one question: why did you lie?

Cruz can’t explain his fabrication to her, the news media, their families, or their hometown, because his traumatic brain injury has manifested as aphasia, leaving him with few words to navigate his new world.

Grace offers friendship, a big step for a woman who prefers Orcinus orca to most company. Texting throughout his recovery, they connect in ways neither anticipates. She agrees to help drive his classic muscle car home across-country at Thanksgiving. His hands-on method of teaching her to operate a manual transmission is the beginning of his challenges to her comfort zone. She responds by introducing him to the steamy world of South Dakota ice-fishing shacks, and they both learn to look beyond labels into each other’s hearts.

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Francesca’s pick for Annie…

Pick It For Me Challenge: July 2018
My Commander
Book Info

Released: October 3rd 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #1
Published by Self Published
Pages: 236

In book one you meet our delicious Alpha Unit leader Aiden McKenzie. When the topic of grandchildren comes up during a weekly sewing circle the matriarchs of the founding families seek out the witch Elder to scry to see if their sons have mates. They are shocked to discover that many of their sons' mates are out in the world and are human!

Fearing that their future human daughters-in-law will end up dead before being claimed and providing them with grandchildren to spoil, they convince their own mates that something must be done. After gathering all of the warriors together in a fake award ceremony the witch Elder casts a spell to pull the men’s mates to them, whether they want it or not.

Aiden is adamant that he doesn’t need a mate and that they would only get in the way, little does he realize Fate is sending him his mate first! He meets his destined mate Meryn Evans and things go downhill from there. In the first twenty four hours she kicks, screams and knocks her bear shifting mate unconscious. They eventually discover that life before finding each other may have been good, but life afterwards is perfect, even if it involves super soaker battles and accidentally discharging hand grenades.

Annie’s pick for Suzanne…

Pick It For Me Challenge: July 2018
A Beginner's Guide to Rakes
Book Info

Released: October 4, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Scandalous Brides #1
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pages: 352

All of London is abuzz with the return of the utterly alluring, recently widowed Diane Benchley. Will she remarry? What will she do with her late husband’s fortune? Society is shocked by her announcement—at the Grand Ball, of all places!—that she plans to open an exclusive gentleman’s gaming club in the family mansion. But no one is more stunned than the Marquis of Haybury, Oliver Warren.

Years ago, Oliver and Diane shared a private indiscretion. Now Diane threatens to reveal Oliver’s most ungentlemanly secrets…unless he agrees to help her. A notorious gambler—and rake—Oliver is overqualified to educate Diane in the ways and means of running her establishment. But striking a deal with Diane might just be the biggest risk Oliver has ever taken. This time, the only thing he has to lose is his heart…

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Someone just recommended the bewitched and bewildered series to me…I look forward to your review

Amy R

Thirds series is one of my all time favorites and I enjoyed Man Hands. I haven’t read any other books mentioned in this post.

Dawn Roberto

Some great books to enjoy. I look forward to your thoughts on the Bewitched & Bewildered Sereis

Kathy Valentine

Love all these pick for me books!! Can’t wait to hear what each of you thinks!! Shared on all my socials!!


These all look so intriguing!


Suzanne Enoch’s book sounds really good

Anita H.

Of the three, I’ve only read Suzanne Enoch’s and I quite enjoyed that series. Thanks for sharing!

Janet Rodman

My Commander looks good. I will have to check it out.

Sophia Rose

Yay! I loved Garden Spells so glad you liked it, Annie. I’ve been meaning to read that, Man Hands and Hell or High Water, too.

Look forward to seeing how you all like this month’s.


The books sounds really good.
And I loved reading the The Commander its so funny!


All of these sound good!


Garden Spells sounds so interesting! Can’t wait to hear what each of you thinks!


Thanks for the chance <3 I haven`t read any of these books yet.