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Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Kate Meader


Fairy Tale Wedding in Italy

Many moons ago, my then boyfriend proposed to me in Vernazza, Italy during a trip of a lifetime. When it came time to do the deed, we wondered how to top the proposal. Returning to the scene of the crime seemed like the best bet and, as my now husband so eloquently put it, a destination wedding would “keep out the riff raff” and ensure the best mix of close friends and family. Essentially anyone who could stump the fare to Florence, Italy—i.e. thought we were worth the trip—was welcome to attend! In the end we had a cozy group of 30 for our special day.

Amazing facts about our wedding extravaganza:

  1. It was in Italy! Fiesole, to be exact, a small town nestled in the Florentine hills.
  2. It took place in a 10th-century castle. With an armor room.
  3. The ceremony was in Italian. It’s possible we’re not actually married.
  4. The celebrant looked like Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lord Lloyd Webber to you.
  5. During the reception, we had an oboist playing the theme from The Godfather. My mother and aunt danced to this like it was an Ibiza disco.
  6. When the chocolate wedding cake was rolled out, people stood and gasped.
  7. My mother lost a hat that looked like a piece of gauze attached to a bandage. The next day, my sister-in-law dumpster dived in the castle’s trash bins to look for it. No luck, but it cemented the bond between both sides of the family like nothing else could.
  8. We honeymooned in a Tuscan villa with fifteen family members. Despite this, we’re considering heading back for our 15-year anniversary in 2020 and inviting the original cast!


Coming August 7, 2018!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Kate Meader

Down with Love
Book Info

Released: August 7, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Love Wars #1
Published by Loveswept

Sparks fly when the hot-shot divorce lawyer meets the high-powered wedding planner. The only question is, what kind?

If you ever get married, remember my name: Max Henderson. In my line of work, you acquire a certain perspective on supposedly everlasting unions. . . .

1. Pre-nups are your friend.
2. The person you married is not the person you’re divorcing.
3. And I hope you didn’t spend much on the wedding because that was one helluva waste of hard-earned cash, wasn’t it?

But some guys are willing to take a chance. Like my brother, who thinks he’s going to ride off into the sunset with the woman of his dreams in a haze of glitter on unicorns. And the wedding planner—the green-eyed beauty who makes a living convincing suckers to shell out thousands of dollars on centerpieces—is raking it in on this matrimonial monstrosity.

The thing is, Charlie Love is not unlike me. We’re both cogs in the wedding-industrial complex. As the best man, I know her game—and I can play it better than her. But after one scorching, unexpected kiss, I’m thinking I might just want to get played.


About Kate Meader

Originally from Ireland, Kate cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Mills & Boon thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron or a fire hose, and she’s there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines who can match their men quip for quip.


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Christina Alexander

So, I did a quick google search on wedding rom-com movies because I could only think of The Wedding Planner. I caught the end of it on cable last night. That one is a favorite. If it’s on cable, I will watch it. Looking through the google list, I’ve seen several more than I thought.

Wedding Singer, Sweet Home Alabama, In & Out, Runaway Bride, Leap Year, Monster-In-Law, and 27 Dresses. I guess there are a few that I like to re-watch whenever I stumble over them on cable.


I am absolutely jealous of your wedding! and I love the wedding date


The Wedding Date!

Diane Sallans

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was lots of fun, but also Mama Mia!

Kim Perry

The Wedding Date!

Kathy Valentine

The wedding date with Debra messing ,I’ve watched it like over a dozen times!!! Kat reminds of myself!! Great post with kate meader!! Shared on all my socials!!

John Smith

“What’s your favorite wedding themed rom com movie?” “What’s Up, Doc?”


My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


27 Dresses and Father of the Bride (both versions)


27 dresses!

Amy R

27 Dresses


This is an awesome post. I loved the little tidbits into your wedding, Kate Meader.