Review: The Scorpion’s Mate / Into the Dead Fall by Susan Trombley
The Scorpion's Mate / Into the Dead Fall

4 Stars

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Released: February 15th 2018
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Iriduan Test Subjects #1, Into the Dead Fall #1
Format: eBook

“What’s better than one sci-fi alien romance? Two sci-fi alien romances of course!”
~ Under the Covers

What’s better than one sci-fi alien romance? Two sci-fi alien romances of course! When I downloaded this book, it contained both The Scorpion’s Mate the first in the Iriduan’s Test Subjects series and Into the Dead Fall which appears to be the first book in another new series. Both are full length books, which happen in the same universe but have completely separate and unrelated stories. This is a review for both books.

The Scorpion’s Mate

Another day, another human woman kidnapped by aliens for experimentation but who ends up falling in love with an alien hybrid scorpion monster man. It sounds more like the plot for a sci-fi horror than a romance. And, some of it is a little horrifying, but it isn’t the Thrax, the scary scorpion alien who turns out to be the monster.

For those of you who, like me, enjoy a sci-fi alien romance where the hero is noticeably alien then this is the book for you. Thrax didn’t only look different but his thought processes were alien as well. I admit, I actually even I found him quite hard to visualise! But, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the concept of him. I liked the heroine Claire as well, she got me at ‘lip piercing’ and funky hair, us pierced peps with bright hair have to stick together! But, aside from her appearance, I also appreciate a brave heroine. So, I liked that I didn’t have read a few hundred pages about her freaking out regarding Thrax’s appearance. Instead she starts to see beyond it fairly quickly.

In The Scorpion’s Mate Trombley is also building up her universe. However, this aspect it felt like it was clumsily tacked on at the end. Which, I can understand why as both characters are isolated from intergalactic life until right at the very end when they are suddenly introduced to the wider universe. But, it didn’t seem to fit right for me and I thought it disrupted the flow of the book.

However, overall I really enjoyed this book, Thrax and Claire kept me glued to the page. Their relationship was funny, sexy and sweet and I couldn’t get enough of them. I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series.

Into the Dead Fall

We go from scorpion alien hero, to a menage involving a leonine alien hero with four arms and a lizard alien hero.

Alice always thought her father was crazy. However, she’s beginning to reconsider. Falling through a vortex into a strange alien world on top of a pile of space junk, then being saved by a four armed furry alien can do that to a girl. It gets more complicated when another alien comes along and tries to entice her away, especially as she seems to be developing feelings for both of them. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve read a few books recently where the hero and heroine can’t understand one another so they have to communicate through their actions rather than their words. Into the Dead Fall comes under that heading. There’s something really…sweet? Honest? About taking spoken language out of the equation. Whatever it is, I find it charming, which is why I loved this book so much.

It also helped that I get two aliens instead of one in this menage romance. Although for clarity, there’s no M/M but rather two former enemies learning to tolerate and even like each other for the sake of the woman they both love. And, as they both come from societies where sharing a female isn’t unheard of, it isn’t such a big stretch for them.

This was probably my favourite of the two books, although I enjoyed both of them. I have never read Susan Trombley before, so I am glad that I decided to give this duo a chance. If your tastes run similar to mine in the sci-fi romance arena, than I highly recommend that you give it a try.


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Review: The Scorpion\'s Mate / Into the Dead Fall by Susan Trombley
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Yay! I put this on my tbr!


I’m intrigued. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Suzanne

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review ‘s suzanne!! They both sound good!!! Shared on all my socials!!

Amy R

Thanks for the review.

[…] I’m a fan of aliens who are truely alien and that’s exactly what she gives us in the Iriduan Test Subjects and Into the Dead Fall […]