Review: Galactic Gladiators Series #1 – #10 by Anna Hackett

Review: Galactic Gladiators Series #1 – #10 by Anna Hackett
Galactic Gladiators Series #1 - #10

4 Stars

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Released: October 23rd 2016
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Galactic Gladiators #1
Format: eBook

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“…if you want to ease you way into  sci-fi romance which feature aliens, than this series is a great place to start.”
~ Under the Covers

I really need to learn to pace myself when I get into a new sci-fi romance series. As, much like Hackett’s story lines I read these at a fast pace. I was too excited and impatient to sit and write a review before moving onto the next book. Annnnnnd that is how you end up with one review about an entire series. Or at least the series to date, there’s still at least one more  book to come out.

I admit these books caught my attention due to their beautiful man-candy covers. They’d also been hanging around in my “recommended for you” section on Amazon Kindle Unlimited as well. All this combined had me grabbing for them. I then started Gladiator, the first book in the series, and didn’t stop until I got to Cyborg the tenth book in the series and the most recent release. I was hooked.

Normally my tastes in sci-fi romance tend toward alien romances where the aliens are as strange as possible. However, Hackett’s Galactic Gladiators series is part of the “aliens are humans but bigger and sexier” school of thought. In the entire series there is only one blue alien hero *le sigh*, coincidentally (or not!) that was one of my favourites of the series (it was book seven: Beast.). So if you want to ease you way into  sci-fi romance which feature aliens, than this series is a great place to start.

Every book in the series also has more than just a sweet and sexy romance packed in. Expect action and adventure in spades. Our heroines are feisty and capable, many of them being warriors so expect lots of ass-kicking, or brilliant scientists who help out the gladiator gang. I loved it. The fast pace of the books also made it all too easy to read them in one sitting and then start looking for more.

As I am (lazily) reviewing ten books in one, below is a small breakdown of each installment in the series. But, I would highly recommend you read this series in order. There is a running story line through out the series, which may make understanding what and why things are happening difficult if you haven’t read the previous books.



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Review: Galactic Gladiators Series #1 - #10 by Anna Hackett
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I am always excited to find a new sci fi alien romance series so thank you for the review and the breakdown.

Joanna M

I haven’t read much sci-fi romance but this series sounds epic.


One of my favorite authors and series! Anna Hackett writes such wonder sci-fi romance that just sucks you in. So glad you enjoyed them. I’m a bit obsessed with her Hell Squad series which is also sci-fi, but alien invasion, post-apocalyptic based.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Hell Squad is definitely on my list of things to read next, I can’t believe I haven’t read Hackett sooner!



I only started reading her books about 2 years ago but have devoured them ever since. Hope you enjoy her other books!


Sounds good. Thanks for the review Suzanne

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review suzanne!! And you are right the covers are so many candy!! Shared on all my socials!!

Amy R

Thanks for the review. **runs off to Amazon**