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Annie’s Top Five Romantic Suspense Series!

Here at Under the Covers Book Blog we all read a wide range of genres. Romantic Suspense used to be a go-to genre for me because of its fast-paced action and heart-stopping romance. However, I feel like as of late we haven’t been paying enough attention to this genre so for today’s Top Five, I’ve decided to dedicate this entire post to my top five favorite Romantic Suspense series!

Last Chance Rescue series
by Christy Reece

Now I’m going to be truthful and tell you that this is the series that kind of inspired me to do this top five. Although this is an older series, I decided to give it a shot since it is so highly rated by readers. Upon reading it, I can definitely see why this author and this series has such a great following. Reece definitely has a great voice for the genre and also manages to keep a wonderful balance of the romance and action. I hope to read more of this series and even go on to read the spin-offs and the author’s other works under different pen names because her writing is just so addicting!

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Marshals series
by Mary Calmes

Because this is Under the Covers, I didn’t want to strictly keep this to straight romance. As you know, we adore our M/M Romances as well and this series by Mary Calmes is a wonderful blend of romance and suspense. There’s also a great shot of humor to lighten things up as well. What I particularly like about this series is that this isn’t a waterdowned version of Romantic Suspense here. If you read any one of the books in this series, you’ll understand why this series has to be on this list. Sometimes even the opening scenes are enough to get your heart racing!

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Cut & Run series
by Abigail Roux

That’s right. This is the second M/M Romance series that has made it onto this list. Much like the previous pick, this series contains lots of action and suspense. There’s also a lot of emotions in this series too. So there’s no doubt that your heart will be racing AND breaking while reading this series. And if you don’t think Ty and Zane are manly then I really have to question your taste in men ;P

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I-Team series
by Pamela Clare

This series when it first came out caught my attention and never let it slip until the last book came out. This is by far Clare’s best series she has written and it’s really where she truly shined. I feel like the action as well as the slower scenes all blended together made for such an interesting read and it also helped me remember of when I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger. After reading this series, I still find it really hard to find another series to live up to it.

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Black Ops Inc. series
by Cindy Gerard

When it comes to Romantic Suspense, there is only one author who I think gets it right every single time and it’s Cindy Gerard. For me, the Black Ops Inc. series is untouchable in the genre. With its erotic location, hotter-than-hell heroes and wickedly sexy and smart heroines, you really can’t go wrong with one of her books. Even her spin-off series, One-Eyed Jacks, is amazing as well. You’ll also find Gerard’s backlist titles just as tantalizing and engaging, if not more. So do yourself a favor and pick up this series if you haven’t already!

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What are your favorite romantic suspense series/books?


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Annie\'s Top Five Romantic Suspense Series!
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Cut and run, I team, and black ops are on mine. I would include Cherry Adair’s t-flac series, Roxanne St. Claire’s bullet catchers, Linda Lael Miller’s look book series, and beverly barton’s griffin powell and Cherokee pointe books

Joanna M

To be honest I’ve only read a few -romantic suspense authors. Katie Reus is my go author but I also like Cynthia Eden, Katie Ruggle, and Marie Force.

Sophia Rose

Great Top Five topic! I’ve only read the Cut and Run series from your list, but I’ve read the Mary Calmes series that the Marshall’s series spun from so I just need to keep going to these. I’ve read one of the Pamela Clare’s. One of these days I will try Cindy Gerard. 🙂

Joanne Pezzuti

Romantic suspense is my favorite genre I have read C Reece, C Gerard and P Clare I recommend Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instinct s and Maya Banks KGI series


Thanks for the recs Annie

Kathy Valentine

Some really great series picks! Shared on all my socials!!

Amy R

I really like Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux and Marshals series by Mary Calmes. I don’t read many romantic suspense book but year ago I read numerous stand alones by Susan Andersen in this genre.

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