Review: Ain’t He Precious? by Juliette Poe

Review: Ain’t He Precious? by Juliette Poe
Ain't He Precious?

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: April 11, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Sex and Sweet Tea #1
Pages: 120
Format: eBook

“AIN’T SHE PRECIOUS? delivered everything I was looking for.”
~ Under the Covers

I was in the mood for a small town contemporary book with a lot of southern charm and when I asked for recs on social media this book popped up.  I’m a fan of Sawyer Bennett’s books and generally enjoy her writing so it felt like a natural choice to pick up something she’d written under a different pen name.  AIN’T SHE PRECIOUS? delivered everything I was looking for.

Ryland and Trixie went to Harvard Law together, fell in love, made plans to live happily ever after.  Until Trixie decided she wasn’t a big city girl at heart and wanted to live close to her family so she moved back to Whynot, North Carolina ending their relationship.  That was eleven years ago.  And now she needs his help with a small town case so he flies in to the rescue and to see her for the first time after their breakup.

Keep in mind that this is Ms. Bennett’s sweeter pen name so it’s pretty low on the heat scales, but the adorable connection between the characters (romantic or otherwise) will have you reading more.  I loved Trixie’s family, their interactions and connection just as much as I found the H/h to be perfect for each other.

This is also a very short book.  I have a much easier time reading novellas when it’s about a second chance romance like this one was.  But I do think having less page count can affect the storyline just a bit.  In this case I found the conflict to be easily addressed.  I would’ve wanted to see things explored more because frankly after Trixie ended things and there’s been 11 years of radio silence, you can’t just jump back in because you still have feelings and attraction.  There’s years of hurt that has to be worked through and I would’ve liked to see more of that.

In the end, this was a perfect quick summer read. I’ll be reading the rest of the series.


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About Juliette Poe

Juliette Poe is the sweet and swoony alter ego of New York Times Best Selling author, Sawyer Bennett.

A fun-loving southern girl, Juliette knows the allure of sweet tea, small towns, and long summer nights, that some of the best dates end sitting on the front porch swing, and that family is top priority. She brings love in the south to life in her debut series, Sex & Sweet Tea.

When Juliette isn’t delivering the sweetest kind of romance, she’s teaching her southern belle daughter the fine art of fishing, the importance of wearing Chucks, and the endless possibilities of a vivid imagination.


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Review: Ain\'t He Precious? by Juliette Poe
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Amy R

Thanks for the review, I’ve had this on my TBR pile since it released.

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review!! Love this cover too! Shared on all my socials!!


I avoid novellas but thanks


Thanks Francesca for the review