Review: The New Guy by V.C. Lancaster

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Review: The New Guy by V.C. Lancaster
The New Guy

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: August 2nd 2017
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Office Aliens #2
Pages: 360

“By combining aliens and office politics together we have a funny and romantic series that certainly has me hooked.”
~ Under the Covers

Welcome to DETI, the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration in 2266. Earth is taking in refugees from the planet Teiss after they have been invaded and the planet overrun. After a tragic disaster with one of the refugee ship’s, Maggie’s department is flooded and she needs help. Ro is new to Earth, but wants to leave his past on Tessia behind and make a fresh new start. Maggie is delighted when she gets Ro on her team and she can’t deny her growing attraction and friendship with him. However, he has a few secrets that threaten their budding romance…

I am really enjoying V.C. Lancaster’s new look at office romances and alien romances. By combining aliens and office politics together we have a funny and romantic series that certainly has me hooked. The second book in the series takes us to the enquiries departments, where Maggie is the unofficial boss and Ro is a new starter.

Ro and Maggie have an instant connection. Maggie is fascinated by him and won over by his good natured charm and Ro seems equally fascinated and smitten by her. Much like the first book their completely different cultures and biology leads to misunderstandings between them. Again, it is what drives the story forward but I found although this normally annoys me, it seemed more understandable given the context.

However, it isn’t completely understandable. Clearly DETI needs to put some kind of cultural awareness training in place and have some advocates scattered around. Their problems could have been solved by just a few facts about the basic biology of each race. But, been as humans barely understand other humans from a different culture and rarely make the effort to try, maybe this was closer to the truth than we would want!

But, I still enjoyed the romance, between Maggie and Ro, especially at the beginning of the book. They were an adorable couple and I did enjoy the book. I am now waiting impatiently for the next one to come out!


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This sounds just as good as the first book!

Kathy Valentine

Awesome review suzanne!! Shared on all my socials!!

Amy R

I picked up book 1 as it’s currently free and on KU.


Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review Suzanne