Review: Ruth & Gron series by V.C. Lancaster

Review: Ruth & Gron series by V.C. Lancaster
Ruth's Bonded / Gron's Fated / Unbonded / Ruth's Baby

3.5 Stars

Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Ruth & Gron #1
Format: eBook

“Who knew tails could be so sexy?”
~ Under the Covers

I wish I could remember where I picked up the recommendation for this series, because I loved it. So, whoever/wherever this was recommended to me clearly knows exactly what I love; really alien aliens. I lap it up! If my hero is coming has a different planet of origin than mine, then I want him to be undeniably alien. I know not everyone feels the same way, but apparently V.C. Lancaster does!

But, because Gron and our alien hero and his fellow alien friends have a pelt, tail and really really big sharp fangs, I know not everyone is going to appreciate this series like I do. Gron lives in a matriarchal and primitive society where the females are larger and more aggressive. The female, the Queen, rules over an all male tribe and she has a select few of those males as her mates. It’s good to be Queen! But, Gron has been abducted from his tribe and locked in a metal box. Ruth, a human woman is thrown in with him…and this where the fun begins.

Not only do Ruth and Gron have massive cultural and societal difficulties to overcome, they also have to do this without being able to speak to one another. For reasons explained in the series they are unable to speak one another’s language so they have to find other ways to communicate. I admit, this aspect of the story was strange at first they never have a typical verbal conversation through the whole series. But I found the way they came together with only basic communication and demonstrating their feelings through actions and body language…kind of sweet. It was all show and no tell. It is also easier to come to terms with this lack of verbal communication as the book switches between Ruth and Gron’s POV. So, even though they might not be able to know what the other is thinking as the reader, we do.

But, Ruth and Gron aren’t the only couple in this series the third book Unbonded gives a menage story between another human woman. Moira is abducted and ends up being saved by some familiar aliens from the previous books who help her try and adapt to this new world and bring her back to Ruth and Gron’s tribe. I admit, I missed Ruth and Gron, our original couple, in this book and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two in the series, however, it was still a good read with plenty of alien hotness.

I loved this series, beneath the strange looking aliens it was an adorable love story with plenty of heat. Who knew tails could be so sexy? As soon as the next book comes out I will be all over it! So, if you like a sweet alien love story I highly recommend giving this one a go.

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Kathy Valentine

Awesome review suzanne!!! Does sound sexy!! Shared on all my socials!!


This is on my tbr

Amy R

It’s on KU so I might need to try these when I’m in the mood for different.


Thanks for the review Suzanne