Book Haul + Giveaway: April 2018

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book haul

It’s time for our weekly highlight.  Seems you guys enjoyed the last book haul video so we’ve done another one for the month of April.  And we have another giveaway for you as well. 😉  Have you read any of the books we talked about or are they on your TBR?

Now let’s hear it from Francesca!




Did you miss our last book haul video?  Click here.

Under the Covers is graciously giving away
Carrie Ann Ryan themed pack



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jodi marinich

great post today

Francesca Bertucci

i love book hauls

Dawn Roberto

Love the video! Thanks for the giveaway


WOW! Big list! Girls of Paper and Fire looks good.

Kathleen Bylsma

I have a copy of the Carrie Ann Ryan! so excited!


Love your videos. Keep them coming!


Thanks for the video. It’s always nice to get a glimpse at upcoming books.

Chris Alexander

THE GREATEST RISK was a great read. I think it was a great read. There was a scene that could have gone a completely different way, but Kristen took it in a great direction. It made me really happy that she played it that way.

AFTERMATH and CONSUMED definitely look good and I’m anticipating both of those.

Kathy Phelan

Love the Bookworm Boxes! Fun surprise each month!


Love all the goodies! Love Carrie Ann’s books! Thanks so much! ?❤?

Melissa Pereira

Awesome haul


Great job. I like the number of books mentioned. I found a couple of new ones that I want to read.

Mary Preston

Great highlight thanks.

Mineliz Medina

Every time I see one of you gals videos I get so exited since I’ve found so many good authors aside from the popular ones every body knows. I cannot wait and read some of the authors you mention. Many of those books looked beautiful I just need to do some research on them.

Amy R

I like these videos and added a few books to my wishlist.


More books added to my wish list


Enjoy the video! Keep doing it!

Joanne B

Love these videos. Thanks for doing them.

Linda Townsend



I enjoy book haul videos, keep making them!

jodi marinich

great post today

Dawn Roberto

Love the video! Thanks for the giveaway

Gwendolyn Jordan

Sounds good

Kathleen Bylsma

A nice mix of books but videos run a bit long for me…have trouble of sitting 🙁

Sophia Rose

Well, that pile will keep you busy for a while. I got offered a couple of those that I’m eager to dive into, but I spotted a few more that I didn’t know about and caught my interest.

I am nosy and love seeing what books your getting so I’m interested in more haul posts if you want to do them. 🙂

Kathy Valentine

Awesome book haul!!! So many awesome reads!! Thank you Francesca!! Shared on all my socials!!

Kathy Phelan

Love the Bookworm Boxes! Fun surprise each month!

Linda Townsend

I love Carrie Ann’s books! Your giveaways rock!

Susan T.

Love book videos. Please keep making them.


Wow! Thanks!


Love seeing your book hauls! Please continue to do them!


Thanks for the chance <3

[…] Did you miss our last book haul video?  Click here. […]