2018 Romance Roundabout Challenge Sign-Ups!

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It’s that time again! I can’t believe another year went by (so fast!) and here we are again looking forward to challenging ourselves for the fourth year in a row to read a bit outside of our comfort zones. Some of you have joined us before and frankly, have kicked ass at this! Congratulations and we hope that you’ll be joining us again.

For those of you who didn’t participate before, this is your chance to have a tour of all the many sub-genres that romance has to offer (and a few outside of romance as well). Most of us tend to stick to the same kind of books, but with this challenge we give you an excuse to put down your typical PNR or New Adult and instead sample a wide variety of genres you haven’t had an excuse to have a look at before. Our main aim; to discover something new and surprising, test out some new authors and generally have a fantastic time. Maybe you find some things are not to your taste, but you can still have had a damn good time in your book reading journey and who knows, find an unexpected favorite.

So, you now know our mission statement, so here’s the rules:

From each of the sub genres we have listed below, we want you to read the number of books in the level you want to sign up for. BUT don’t let us limit you! If you can think of any other sub genres you want to read/have read then add it to your challenge (not replace a sub-genre and not to be confused with “tropes”), our goal is to explore as much of the romance genre as we can and venture out a bit outside of it as well!  There’s no stipulation on how old or new the release has to be so feel free to clear your TBR, include brand new 2018 releases, or a nice mix of both!  The only thing we don’t count are re-reads.





» Paranormal Romance
» Urban Fantasy
» Young Adult (fantasy or contemporary both qualify)
» New Adult
» Erotic Romance
» Sci Fi (can be romance or straight sci fi)
» Historical Romance
» Steampunk
» Contemporary Romance
» Romantic Suspense
» LGBT Romance
» Fantasy (not to be confused with paranormal romance!)
» Mystery (not romance focused, can be cozy mystery or thrillers)

I know a lot of you struggle with genres at times, so I’m linking back to a post we did on the blog about genre definitions that will hopefully help you identify what kinds of books to assign to each category: click here.

Where do you sign up?  We will be running this challenge from our Under the Covers GoodReads Group, just like we have done with previous challenges.  So just visit our group page and tell us you’re in and your level of commitment.  When you have your lists of books planned, then post those as well.

Bloggers are welcome to do posts on their blogs or social media with their lists, updates etc. Help us spread the word about the challenge by making a post with your commitment.  Be sure to include the books you plan to read as well if you have any planned out and feel free to take the graphic at the bottom of this post and link back to this thread. If you are making posts on your blog, please leave a comment here with the name of your blog and link so we can come and visit.Hope that you are all on board with this tour of books in 2018 with us!





Feel free to take this image to include in your update posts or to place on your sidebar or challenge page.
You can simply link back to this post.


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Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine

Shared on all my socials!!


I love reading the reviews from this challenge.

Amy R
Amy R

I have never signed up for the challenge but I’ve read something from all the categories listed above accept Steampunk in 2017.

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose

Yay! One of my favorite challenges. Thanks, ladies!


My first doing reading challenges! I’m really excited for this because it’s all about romance! There’s a few sub-genres I don’t read much in so I’m ready to broaden my horizons.

I’ll be going for Romance Connoisseur and keeping track on my blog

Looking for a List of 2018 Reading/Book Blogging Challenges? Look No Further! - Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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I need to work on my list

The Master List of 2018 Reading Challenges – Girlxoxo.com

[…] 2018 Romance Roundabout Challenge. From each of the sub genres listed, read the number of books in the level you signed up for. […]