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Here at UTC, we can be a little old skool. Most of our favourite authors have been around for years and not many new series make it into our auto-buy lists. So, we thought doing these posts would not only help us find new things, but also allow others to find older series that perhaps they haven’t encountered before but which we still hold dear to our heart.

I love a historical romance, it covers such a vast territory, from medieval Scotland, the Wild West to English drawing rooms. You can get something a little different with every choice you make. One of my favourite historical romance’s is Sarah Maclean’s Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake, the reason I love it is because it really makes the heroine stand out. Romance is packed full of unforgettable heroes but mediocre heroines, which is a little sad, so when I find a book where the heroine is the true star of the show it tends to stick with me. And what’s better than a former wallflower suddenly breaking all the rules? It’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s a little different. If you haven’t read it, I recommend that you do, if you have read it than I have found something that was a little reminiscent.

Kimberly Bell’s The Importance of Being Scandalous. My first book by Bell and the first in a new series I loved this tale of a heroine misbehaving and it reminded me a little of Maclean’s Nine Rules. 


So, if you love Sarah Maclean, I recommend your try Kimberly Bell (and vice versa), if you haven’t read either authors then you should give them a try.

Love by Numbers series by Sarah Maclean

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A Tale of Two Sisters series by Kimberly Bell

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Thanks for rec Suzanne

Joanna M

I’d never heard of her before so thank you for the rec 😉

Amy R

Thanks for the recommendation, I haven’t read either author.

Kathy Valentine

Ty for the recommendation Suzanne!! Shared on my socials!!


I love historical romance! Thanks for the recommendation


Kimberly Bell’s book is genius!