Review: Delectable by R.L. Mathewson

Review: Delectable by R.L. Mathewson

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Released: August 01 2017

“Are they still fun? Yeah, I guess.”
~ Under the Covers

Whenever I need a book to put a smile on my face, I know I can always turn to R.L. Mathewson’s Neighbour from Hell series. But, lately, I find that they just aren’t doing it for me like they have in the past. Are they still fun? Yeah, I guess. It’s just that after so many books it just feels like Mathewson is just trading on the same old jokes, which means each time I read a new release I get a little more bored.

But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like this, it just means I have series fatigue and Mathewson doesn’t shake up her books enough to snap me out of it. So, although I will continue to read this series, after all it does still make me laugh – just not as often or for as long – I am never quite as excited as I was when I first discovered the Neighbour from Hell series. But, Mathewson does consistently produce sexy and fun romances and Delectable was an entertaining instalment in the series.

So, although this is a rather lukewarm review, I did like Delectable. If you haven’t read this series and you are in the mood for a series that manages to combine sexy and funny really well, then I do recommend that you give it a try.


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About R.L. Mathewson

Before I tried my hand at writing I was a receptionist, cafeteria worker at the college I attended, museum worker, bellhop, and about a dozen other different things that are pretty embarrassing so we're just going to skip over those things and pretend that they never happened ;D

I can't just sit around with nothing to do while I try to be deathly silent so that I don't wake up one of my children and send them into a blood curdling screaming fit. So, to fill the time I started to read again. When I was in school I was a bookworm, but got away from it as I grew older. I was drawn back into my love of reading by Julia Quinn's What Happens In London. It was a wonderful, witty book and I fell instantly in love with romance novels.

Some of the romance novels that I read were great and I couldn't get enough, I started to play with the idea of writing a book. Several months later I finally gave in and tried. For four months straight I worked day and night until finally I finished my first book. Then of course I re-read what I wrote, cringed and deleted the entire book and started over again.

After reading an article about self-publishing I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I like the freedom to write what I want, when I want and publish a story that I hope others will enjoy reading. It gives me a great deal of freedom and allows me to retain full control over my work, which of course allows me to set the prices of my books and make them affordable for everyone 🙂 Which of course is the reasoning behind the $0.99 price tag for my books.

That's how I became a writer and why I self-publish. Well, that and I'm pretty laid back and don't want to be hassled with contractual obligations. That would just cut into my writing time, time with my kids, reading time and my hot cocoa addiction. Yes, I am thoroughly addicted to hot cocoa and if you're interested in experiencing the perfect cup of cocoa you can find the recipe for my cocoa somewhere on my author blog.


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Oh, I get sad when I’m feeling series fatigue.

Kathy Valentine

I have this book on my tbr list,thanks Suzanne for your review!!

Amy R

Thanks for the review, I enjoyed this book.