Top Shelf Reads: August 2017

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Each of us girls have very definite tastes here at Under the Covers. We know what we like and we get excited about sharing this with you. We can’t help but share when our favourite books are coming out and want to share the joy with as many people as we can. And this is one of the ways we want to do it. Each month we will give you our pick of the bunch, the cream of the crop, the top shelf books! Basically, the ones that we are just itching to get our hands on. The kind of books where the year wait is always worth it; where you may have drawn plans to go a little Kathy Bates, but with less sledgehammer action and more hot cups of tea and custard creams – we don’t want to scare the muse away after all. These are the books we are just dying to get our hands on next month!

[new-release title=”Ride the Storm” author=”Karen Chance”]

A new release in the Cassie Palmer series! It’s definitely something to be excited about. Excited and prepared, this series is so fast paced and exciting that I feel like I need to limber up before I read the first word. I might pull something otherwise. Poor Cassie has been through a lot recently, from obscure on-the-run fortune teller to chief seer in a few short months (and 8 books). It’s quite the ride and choc full of time travel, crazy and crazy interesting characters and a lot of running. Basically it’s Doctor Who but with less aliens and more vampires and mages. If you’re interested in reading this series, which any UF lover certainly should be, then go back and start from book 1, and don’t forget to limber up first! You have been warned.


[new-release title=”Dragonsworn” author=”Sherrilyn Kenyon”]

If you know Kenyon works, the series can get very complicated but oh, so good!  Dragonsworn is the second installment of the Dragon Rising series set in the Dark-Hunter world (28th), and part of the Lords of Avalon series.  Also, an anticipated read for me because Falcyn is not only a sexy dragon but the oldest Drakomai dragon with a dry humor, also the grouchiest dragon in this series. Seeing this guy get his HEA will be such a treat!


[new-release title=”Devil’s Cut” author=”J.R. Ward”]

Lets get this out of the way.  It’s J.R. Ward, I mean, come on!  Did you think we would have some kind of rec list without her?  When the first book in this series was released I devoured it because it had everything I wanted in a soap-opera-ish story.  High in drama and angst, secrets and lies, betrayals and even the search for a murderer, all while also giving us plenty of steamy romance.  The second book wasn’t as good for me, sadly, so I was both hesitant and excited to pick the conclusion up.  I shouldn’t have worried.  This book delivered on everything I initially loved about this trilogy and more.  Lots of twisty things that I didn’t see coming (like finding out who the murderer is, and more about their mother!).  And then there’s the romance.  You may know I’ve been waiting for Gin to get her HEA because the poor girl!  I feel so bad for that bitchy woman.  And Ms. Ward did me proud with the parts about her in this book.  I loved every bit of it!  The other romances had obviously been started in the previous two books and just wrapped up in this one, and there’s one more that’s now hinted at but not developed here.  I think it was the perfect conclusion to this story and certainly a perfect beach read that you must have on your TBR this summer.


[new-release title=”The Duchess Deal” author=”Tessa Dare”]

There’s a new Historical Romance series from Tessa Dare to look forward to! The Girl Meets Duke series promises to be a fun and entertaining series from one of my favorite Historical Romance authors. THE DUCHESS DEAL involves a seamstress who has made a wedding dress for a wedding that isn’t going to happen. Thinking that she deserves to be compensated for her time and effort, she goes to the would-be groom and asks for payment. Despite the fact that the Duke doesn’t have a wedding anymore, he still needs an heir and that means, he needs to marry. When he decides that our heroine is the perfect substitute, this starts a whole slew of fun banter and charm! This book made me swoon and smile and I believe its the perfect read for the summer.



What book are you most anticipating next month?
Let us know in the comment box below!


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Kathleen Bylsma

Haven’t read these authors in years. Thanks for the reminder.

Amy R

Ride the Storm sounds good, I haven’t read this series or author.


Thanks for the recs