Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, Sloth

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As the weather warms up, here at Under the Covers we also like to ratchet up the heat. So prepare for Burning up July 2017: Seven Days of Sin. This is because we little devils at Under the Covers are going to explore how our favourite erotic romance authors make the seven deadly sins burn oh so good. So prepare yourself for a week filled with the sexiest that romance has to offer you as we take the chance to skinny dip in to one of our favourite genres: Erotic Romance.

So, how will it work? Each day we will look at a sin and give your our thoughts and feelings on the troupe it represents as well as some scorching hot recommendations for you. Fair warning though, ice and a clean pair of knickers may be required.

Today we are gorging on:

Today, it’s Sloth. And I’m not talking about the adorable animal featuring in the Ice Age films. We are talking about Sloth in the biblical sense. When looking around for a really good all encompassing definition of what it means to be slothful, my favourite expression was found on Wikipedia, which described it as the “habitual disinclination to exertion”. In a religious sense apathy is a more accurate description of Sloth when you no longer care to attend to your religious duties it’s a big freaking deal. Sloth can make you come across as kind of indifferent and…apathetic. Of course, in a more everyday and applicable sense we would perhaps call it…laziness.

Now, as someone who at times has listed her hobbies as “sitting down” I found this a little worrisome. I don’t view myself as apathetic, my spirit/mind is active, if day dreaming and over thinking were a

physical activity I would have the muscle mass of Arnie. However, physically…if there’s an option to sit, I’ll take it. Sadly, the biblical punishment for over enjoyment of softly padded chairs and a lackadaisical mind is being thrown into a pit of snakes.

To twist this sin into a Erotic Romance shape was far from slothful; I was doing mental acrobatics trying to find a creative way to put this together. Then it came to me. Those heroes who like to take it slow. Who lazily seduce and enthral you till you are just begging for them to do something. I’m thinking of all those dirty talking, slow moving and sexy heroes that get your blood boiling and your knickers in a twist. This isn’t a fast burst of passion, this is a slow building fire that gradually intensifies, and before you realise it, you are completely consumed. We’ve all read those books. We’ve all had to put them down, take a deep breath, maybe fan ourselves a little and then pick them back up again.

We all love an expertly crafted slow seduction here at UTC, flaring passion and instant lust (which, we will get to!) is great. But sometimes, a lady wants to be charmed and tempted and slowly driven wild by our hero. We all put our heads together and here are some of our favourites slothful (ha!) books:

Have we missed any of your favourites?



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Sue G.

I love the slow, almost killing you with the anticipation type of sex scenes.

Kathleen Bylsma

Well, that’s an interpretation that didn’t occur to me! 😉


Ooh, these look like fun!


Rhythm! Chord & Malyhkin by Mariana Zapata…..of course Kulti too


Oooo roni loren and kresley cole!

Amy R

I’m not a fan of the slow burn romance but there are a few authors who keep me interested when reading a slow burn. Penny Reid does a great slow burn and I feel engaged in the story and not bored.

Jenn H

Great post, enjoyed reading it. I absolutely love to read slow-burn romances. It drives me crazy too.. in a good way 😉

Chris Alexander

That’s an interesting take. I know I’ve read ones like that where at least some of the scenes just took forever. The payoff was huge, though. *grins* I’m pretty sure there is a scene like that in NOBODY’S HERO by Kallypso Masters. Also, I’m pretty sure that Lorelei James’ Ronin plays that way, too.


On my wishlist 😀
Enjoyed reading 🙂

Nicki S

Very clever take on sloth as it applies to erotic romance!


Love Kresley Cole! Looks like a good read.

Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

Roni and Kresly’s books are always amazing !

Diana Doan

I love The Player by Kresley Cole!

Chris Alexander

So, the other day, I heard this on the radio (again) and I thought that this is a musical interpretation of this sin. *grins* Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road” I just love the play on words in this song.


Lenna Hendershott

I’m terrible with on the spot recommendations. I’m sure I’ve read a few books with the smoulder build up but can’t think of them now, darn… Oh one of the last books I ARC read that isn’t erotic but definitely had the h/h trying desperately to keep their hands off each other is Amy Jarecki’s excellent romantic suspense/spies Hunt For Evil that comes out Tuesday. You HAVE to read that book! It’s AWESOME <3


I need to read the ones I haven’t yet