Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, Pride

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As the weather warms up, here at Under the Covers we also like to ratchet up the heat. So prepare for Burning up July 2017: Seven Days of Sin. This is because we little devils at Under the Covers are going to explore how our favourite erotic romance authors make the seven deadly sins burn oh so good. So prepare yourself for a week filled with the sexiest that romance has to offer you as we take the chance to skinny dip in to one of our favourite genres: Erotic Romance.

So, how will it work? Each day we will look at a sin and give your our thoughts and feelings on the troupe it represents as well as some scorching hot recommendations for you. Fair warning though, ice and a clean pair of knickers may be required.

Today we are gorging on:

Pride…it’s trickier than a fox in a waistcoat smoking a pipe. We all have it, some of us have a little too much of it, I, for one am perfectly happy to continue arguing about something when I know I’m wrong just to salvage some of it. And as for the vain side of Pride… well you will just have to peruse my vast makeup collection and come to your own conclusions. But, I’ve always thought everyone should have a little bit of Pride…however, be warned! Pride is considered the deadliest of all the capital sins as everything can be traced back to it. In terms of it being a capital sin, I’m not talking about making sure you are wearing lipstick before you leave the house, I’m talking about hubris. When you think your own selfish desires and vanity are more important than anyone and everything else, and in a religious sense, more important than God, either singular or plural. Most religions have an issue with hubris, especially the Greeks…youch.

So, Pride, we all know the famous “pride comes before the fall” or the actual proverb ” Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall”, but, the fall I am about to talk about is falling in love.

Erotic Romance has a whole cadre of heroes and heroines who should take great pride in their mad skillz in the bedroom. Especially when they like to utilise these skills across as many people in the population as they can. I’m talking about the commitment phobic, the womanisers, the rakes and the *insert nice name for a woman who also partakes in this behaviour, stupid double standards*. We all fall  little in love with these characters, because the sexiest attribute you can bring to the bedroom? It’s confidence and these heroes and heroines have it in spades. And yet…to watch that fall…to see that dissolute rake fall for the wallflower; or the playboy billionaire finally succumb to the ballsy barista; or the feisty vixen fall for the straight laced accountant. Love. It.

Erotic romance gives the Prideful a chance to use their much practised skills for good, to help woe their, often reluctant, prospective love. And seeing these Lotharios in action; it’s enough to heat up my kindle and spark a flame in your paperback. These heroes and heroines strut on to the page and you just KNOW that you and the lucky object of their attention is in for the ride of our life. Here are some of our favourites, the ones we can’t quite get out of our minds! So strap in and enjoy the rodeo!

Have we missed any of your favourites?



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Yup lorelei james does that very well!

Jenn H

Oh I do love books by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland.

Lenna Hendershott

I’ve read some of Lorelei James and yah, romance is full of sin, expecially pride. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathleen Bylsma

Great descriptor! The Meghans, Penelope Ward, Vi K eeland a n d more-Laura Kate-thanks!

Chris Alexander

Julie Ann Walker, Sarina Bowen, and Sawyer Bennett are a few additionals to add to the list.

Nicki S

Yes, Pride features heavily in erotic romance. Great post, and I almost forgot I have a couple of these in my TBR pile. Thanks!


First and Last Duet by Laurelin Paige 😀
Added to my wishlist 😀


Lorelei James and Lora Leigh

Sue G.

Fun write up! I have bought Turbulence but haven’t read it yet. I’m going to have to move it up in the list! 😉

Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

Most of my favorite authors and some new ones …Bonus !


It’s a hard balance to strike, but when he’s just on the right side of cocky, it’s good!

Amy R

I’ve read a few of your choices and agree. I also think Kristen Ashley does a great job with her sex scenes.