Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, Lust

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As the weather warms up, here at Under the Covers we also like to ratchet up the heat. So prepare for Burning up July 2017: Seven Days of Sin. This is because we little devils at Under the Covers are going to explore how our favourite erotic romance authors make the seven deadly sins burn oh so good. So prepare yourself for a week filled with the sexiest that romance has to offer you as we take the chance to skinny dip in to one of our favourite genres: Erotic Romance.

So, how will it work? Each day we will look at a sin and give your our thoughts and feelings on the troupe it represents as well as some scorching hot recommendations for you. Fair warning though, ice and a clean pair of knickers may be required.

Today we are gorging on:

I want it. No, I need it. I am in the work restaurant minding my own business but…my eyes they’re inexorably drawn over to the cash counter, almost like it’s fate, like it’s meant to be. And what am I confronted with? The most mouth watering set of juicy buns I’ve ever beheld. There’s literally drooling going on as I imagine getting my hands all over them. Caressing, squeezing and definitely nibbling. I stare as they continue to sit there, tempting me with their firm but undoubtedly soft to the touch texture. I just know if, no, when I get my teeth into those mouth watering buns it would be an experience neither party would ever forget. Hearts would race, mouths would moan, worlds would collide as we reach the apex of our pleasure. So what do I do? That’s right, I put my big girl panties on and march right up to that counter, my eyes never leaving those beautiful curves. And right in front of everyone I abandon shame and I grabbed those sweet sweet buns. Then I pay the cashier for the pair of freshly baked cinnamon buns and proceeded to eat them both. HA! What did you think I meant? Getcha mind out of the gutter! What I just described to you? Lust. And, as you can see it doesn’t always mean sexual lust. It can be lust for power, for sensual pleasure, lust for things, just the extreme act of wanting worldly sensations.

Of course with Erotic Romance lends itself very well to lust, it seems like the entire genre is based upon it. Which, unfortunately for all of us means we are going to get hot and bothered in an entirely different way once we’ve kicked it, as the punishment for lust is being smothered in fire and brimstone. Of course, the genre isn’t entirely based on lust…it is romance after all and with most books there’s also a healthy dose of love thrown in as well. But there are those books. Those books where the main protagonist fall instantly in lust and the love comes after those animal urges have been satisfied. Repeatedly.

For Lust, we are delving into the books where the hero and heroine have INSTANT chemistry, where their eyes meet across the room and then BOOM. Clothes are everywhere and body parts are being licked, stroked and inserted in various places. You might be thinking whoa whoa whoa, that describes most of the genre. But, does it? We are talking about the books where that heat is emanating from the screen, where the chemistry is so potent you aren’t sure what they can do BUT rip each others clothes off. Where you can’t read it in public as the only person who should see you this aroused is your significant other. This isn’t a post about the slow build or about a tepid attraction. This is about eyes meeting across the room and then all rational thought leaving that room. We are talking about cinnamon buns here.

But, you do have a point, this is a big theme in Erotic Romance, therefore we have picked our absolute favourites. Where the author has really managed to capture this feeling on the page and brought this insta-lust to life. We love it when an author has the skill to really bring this to life on the page, where the words morph from ink (or e-ink) on paper (screen!) to vivid and erotic images in our minds.

Have we missed any of your favourites?


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Kathleen Bylsma

Nailed lust for sure! I’d love to have insta lust/love with a HEA IRL but suspect THAT’LL never happen! 😉

Amy R

Insta-love books are my guilty pleasure and Alexa Riley does an awesome job with those types of books.

Nicki S

Love without lust is called friendship, IMO. Necessary for a romantic relationship. Great tease about the buns, but I kinda suspected bakery items instead of anatomical parts. ?


Great intro!!!! I loved The Professional!


Thanks Suzanne