Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, Avarice

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As the weather warms up, here at Under the Covers we also like to ratchet up the heat. So prepare for Burning up July 2017: Seven Days of Sin. This is because we little devils at Under the Covers are going to explore how our favourite erotic romance authors make the seven deadly sins burn oh so good. So prepare yourself for a week filled with the sexiest that romance has to offer you as we take the chance to skinny dip in to one of our favourite genres: Erotic Romance.

So, how will it work? Each day we will look at a sin and give your our thoughts and feelings on the troupe it represents as well as some scorching hot recommendations for you. Fair warning though, ice and a clean pair of knickers may be required.

Today we are gorging on:

I don’t consider myself a avaricious person. Unless of course you put me in a Charlotte Tilbury shop in which case I must have everything. The way I slather all over the foundations and lipsticks is indecent, but, I can’t help myself, they’re so perfect and pretty and make me look so perfect and pretty. I need them. I must have them, in fact I am pretty sure I can never have enough of them. Annnnnnnd, this is why perhaps I should avoid Charlotte Tilbury boutiques, not only does it impact my credit card balance, but according to Christian philosophies, it imperils my soul as well. High end make up brings out the greedy magpie in me, the little devil on my shoulder that tells me I need all the shinies.

Avarice, as you may already know or have guessed it basically greed. Very similar to Gluttony in that it’s a sin of desire, but rather then for food and drink, what you are coveting is material possessions. Money, property, gold, make up….when you desire a material possession so much you are willing to do anything to possess it, including acts that harm others. And when you have it, but it isn’t enough and you just want more and more, more than you could possible need or use. That’s greed. And that’s also why the number of eyeshadow palettes I have may send me on a very fiery journey once I kick the bucket. I’ll be joining those 80’s bankers whose mantra “greed is good” straight to the pit…to be boiled alive in oil for all eternity.

Now, although I agree that greed brings out the ugly in people, there are occasions when just one of what you desire the most isn’t enough. This happens in Erotic Romance alot. And I’m not just talking about the number or orgasms. I’m talking about the participants. When you read the blurb of the book and right at the bottom it looks like the author has just thrown a series of letters in a sentence…it may look a little like this: MMMMMFMM. When you see that, you just know you’re in for some wild acrobatics, where you need a diagram to figure who is doing what to who and then a physics prodigy explain to you how it is physically possible.

Multi partner erotic romances are prevalent throughout the genre, within most series their will be at least one book that has a story with a triad or more relationship. And what’s not to love? Instead of one guy making you feel good you have the concerted effort of 2 (or 3 or 4!) giving you their full attention…then maybe giving each other their attention…*day dreams* Whatever, the dynamics, it’s enough to get me all hot under the collar. Hot enough that I forget about the logistics like…finding two pairs of dirty Y fronts strewn all over the bathroom floor or dealing with twice the amount of man flu.

But, whether you want a quick, but super hot read with some more than the usual couple, whether it’s a temporary or permanent addition to the bedroom. Or you are after something with a little more of a romantic – yet no less sexy – edge, then you will find this in the menage and more Erotic Romance sub genre. Here are some of our favourites:

Have we missed any of your favourites?



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Jenn H

Another interesting post about the Seven Days of Sin. I didn’t know that Avarice is the proper word for Greed. I have the book by Lora Leigh.

Amy R

Kit Rocha Beyond series, Olivia Cunning a few Sinners on Tour books and House of Pleasure series by Kate Pearce are some multiple partner books I love.

Chris Alexander

I’ll second the Kit Rocha Beyond series. We can go old school Lorelei James and not forget ROUGH, RAW, and READY with Chassie, Trevor, and Edgard. Cherise Sinclair’s MISCHIEF and THE MASTERS and IF ONLY. Can’t forget HOT, HOLIDAY NIGHTS by Jaci Burton.


Tara Lain’s Genetic Attraction series is my favorite, though it feels less like avarice and more like glorious, overflowing mutual love!


I haven’t read any of these books/series, but hopefully I will one day 😀

Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

Lora Leigh and Roni’s books are AmazingBalls !

Lenna Hendershott

I’ve read quite a few of the authors highlighted in this list. I have to admit, menage is my favorite erotic fantasy…Oh, bad me, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

Nicki S

I’m itching to start the Beyond series, a few of the books on ky Kindle already, and I’m finallyready to overcome some of my vanilla-ness and read a menage. Great week of posts; thanks!


Kit Rocha

Sue G.

Never read any of these, but I love Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked series!


Brothers in Arms by Samantha Kane & The Birmingham Rebels by Samantha Kane