Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: Male vs Female Authors

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Am I the only one that seems to have a preference of authors writing a certain genre?  Well, for me, I definitely connect more with male authors when I’m reading a m/m book, and I prefer a female author when reading a m/f one.  There’s always an exception, but that’s something I keep coming across.

I think for me it boils down to the fact that a man makes the emotions, thoughts and feelings that another man is experiencing feel REAL.  The way they think, the way they feel, it feels very organic in most of the instances where I’ve read male m/m writers.  Females tend to be more romantic and that’s not something I generally associate with how men think (not to say they can’t be, obviously there are sweet exceptions). 😉  And lets not forget the sex.  Usually the m/m sex scenes written by men are SO MUCH HOTTER!!

Ang from PNR Book Lover Reviews had this to say…

The difference between a female author and a male author writing mm romance, most of the time I can’t even tell the difference, but then again for me there are not that many Male MM authors that I love to read. The ones I do like to read, the sex is hotter, maybe because they know what they are doing when it comes to sex. Then sometimes their romance isn’t as sweet and romantic, and it could be filled with angst and drama where you could be lead down the rabbit hole and find yourself in fetal position.  But in saying all that, a female author who writes mm romance could do the exact same thing. I think that writing is a craft, where you make the reader feel love, pain, happiness. Make them fall in love with the characters and feel like that are a part of something special, to escape reality. If you can do that weather you are a female or a male author I don’t care what sex you are. I do have one issue and that is sometimes a female author who is only known for writing M/F romance and then dips her toe into the mm scene and it fails, where you can tell that one of the characters is meant to be a girl, in how they are portrayed… did that make sense?  Like you feel that the character would work better as a chick, I don’t know how to explain it. I believe after reading the genre for 10 years there has been a lot of good eggs and a lot of bad. I always am very weary of what I buy and If I don’t know who you are I am more likely to pass on you, I have my queens and kings or lgbt authors and seem to stick with what I know and who have made the genre what it is today… Ladies and Males <3

*cough* Heidi, Marie, Amy, Ethan, Kade, JL Langley, Rhys, Carol, TA Chase, Mary and Anna just to name a few.

By the other token, I’ve tried reading male authors in m/f books and they’re usually lacking that emotional connection for me.  They may skim over parts that I want them to focus on, etc.

So while I have both favorite male and female authors that write m/m romance, I have an easier time connecting with male ones.  It won’t stop me from reading either.  I’ll give everyone an equal shot. 😉  Has anyone felt like this before?  Do you have preference?


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I don’t have a preference

Amy R

I currently don’t have a preference, but I’ve more female authors.

Amy R



I think I agree with Ang, well the writing is done well, it’s done well, regardless of the sex of the author. Having said that, I have experienced a ‘something is missing’ when reading m/m stories written by women and m/f stories dine by men.

Kathy Valentine

I agree with you for the most part,but I have read m/m love stories that are written by women that where hot too such as JR Wards Lover At last!!! No only was it hot but it was believable too. At the same time you have Christopher rices Desire exchange series about m/f romance and their great.I think with any great writer they can pull off same sex romance with no problem.I will say that men as a rule have better sex scenes because it isn’t about getting married and have kids its very freeing for women like myself who’s… Read more »


I don’t have a preference because like love is love, I don’t believe an author’s gender has any relevance in how well they write. Each reader will have something they like more than some other reader & each one will have something they dislike more than others. Each author’s work I love will be hated by someone else, that’s just the way things work.

Monique D

HelenKay Dimon captures the male spirit in her M/M.