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ARC Review: Veiled Menace by Deborah Blake
Veiled Menace

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: April 18th 2017
Series: Veiled Magic #2

” It has some action, some romance, some magic, a kobold house mate and a sassy best friend, all the kind of things that have me gripped to the page.”
~ Under the Covers

Be careful what you wish for. Donata used to find her job with the police as a Witness Retrieval Specialist boring, but after saving her Chief’s granddaughter he now throws her the more “unusual” cases that seem to have Paranormal involvement. And the amount of cases seems to be increasing dramatically, putting all the five Paranormal races in danger of another inquisition. Donata needs to find who is stirring up unrest in the Paranormal community and whether this may be connected to the mysterious forgotten sixth Paranormal race.

The first book in the series was one of my favourites of the year…in 2015. I was beginning to doubt that I would ever read a second. But here it is and yet again it becomes one of my favourite books of the year. It has some action, some romance, some magic, a kobold house mate and a sassy best friend, all the kind of things that have me gripped to the page. And gripped I was.

As an urban fantasy, one of my favourites, this doesn’t actually add anything new to the genre. It has all the things you would expect, a kick ass, yet underestimated heroine, lots of magic and mystery and a few potential love interests. But, although none of these things alone are particularly unique, I really enjoyed the way they were thrown together. Even though the events in the book were predictable I enjoyed the journey. I especially didn’t mind because all the characters that Blake has created are likeable and I wanted to see what would happen with them next.

This isn’t a dark and gritty urban fantasy, but fairly light easy reading. I am a fan of both types and everything in between, but if you are in the mood for a book that offers you some action and some romance without dragging you in to something dark and twisted, this is something you should pick up and give a try. Now, I am waiting for the next book, hopefully I won’t have to wait another 2 years.



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Sweet! Added to my tbr

Amy R

Adding to my wishlist.

Darynda Jones

These sounds great! Thanks for the review!

Kathy Valentine

Great review,I’m new to this author!! Shared on all my socials!!

Kathleen Bylsma

I love Deborah Blake and the Baba Yaga series. This is next! Thanks!


Thanks for the heads up on these Suzanne


TBR! I don’t think I’ve read any Deborah Blake.
Thanks for the review