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While RT is in full swing, first of all…. don’t let it overwhelm you!  It’s so easy to get over excited by seeing your favorite authors that you end up cornering them in the elevator and make them want to run away from you (I’m looking at you Angela!)  So here are a few things to keep in mind while the convention is already under way.

Wake up early!

I know there are late nights but if you’re not out of your room early you will end up missing stuff.  So rise and shine and get your day started early.  Also think about breakfast options because generally the hotel restaurants will be so crowded they won’t be able to handle the masses of people to sit down during the morning rush in a timely fashion (at least that’s been the case at every RT I’ve been to).

If you have roommates, this is also extra important because… women need time to get ready and there is only one bathroom ya’ll.  The morning struggle is real!


If you bring a refillable water bottle, then you’ll be easily set.  Just make sure you stay hydrated during the day and as you’re going from one event to the next.  Sometimes, you may end up skipping a meal so drinks and snacks will be your friends.

Let loose and have fun

You’re there to have a good time.  Always remember that.  Go with the flow.  Some of the panels can be a little cheesy but that’s kind of the point.  Let loose and enjoy yourself.  Don’t take things (or yourself) too seriously!


You should always keep an eye out on your surroundings because like we’ve said before you never know who could be walking next to you, or behind you in line at Starbucks.  Have your phone or camera ready to take a selfie (I sound like Angela!!!!), just don’t fall off of chair or strangle the author while doing it (right, Angela?).  Respect everyone’s personal space and everyone will be happy.  You should also have something small that you can keep with you at all times for autographs in case you meet an author and don’t happen to be lugging your bucket of books around.

Take Lots of Pictures

This is really the best way to remember everything, don’t you think?  I look back on our pictures and that’s what makes me tear up at the unforgettable moments that are captured.  Be sure you have enough memory and battery on your phone or camera to have at it and take lots of pics.  If you are using a camera, think about an extra memory card or spare batteries.  And don’t forget the charger!  And if you’ll be using your phone, then a portable charger is a must.

Make Plans

It’s easy to say oh yeah I’ll see you at RT, we’re bound to run into each other, and never see the person in question.  Make plans to actually meet up with those people you really want to spend time with.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the moment and not have those opportunities.  Even if it’s to attend a panel together, make that time!

Be Friendly

When in line, when sitting at panels.  Just be generally cordial and nice to the people around you!  When you are standing in a line for a signing, it’s ok to talk to the people in front or behind you.  By the same token, that also means don’t cut the line and try to be a sneaky bastard.  We all want to get our books signed but we should be nice to others.

At the Signing

Like I mentioned in the previous post, books are heavy and depending how many you have you may not want to carry them in a bag and kill your back and shoulders.  A roll cart is the perfect solution, or a carry on luggage that opens at the top.  Why the top opening?  Because a regular carry on would have to be laid down to be opened and in most cases you won’t have that kind of space in a line packed with people to do that without bothering others.



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Great tips! Thanks Francesca!


OMG….reading all these tips just makes me want to go even more! If I ever am able to attend an RT, I will be using so many of these tips.