As you get ready to leave and go back home *insert sad face here* these are a few things you may want to consider.


Did you buy too many books or pick up too much swag?  If you bring a luggage scale with you, you may be able to figure out if you’ll be overweight.  You can bring a tote bag with you, so you can always carry your heavy stuff as a carry on.  But you may want to consider shipping stuff home if you don’t have the space (or weight) in your luggage.  Hotels will usually have a shipping center right on site for this, so try and find out about it ahead of time.  This will generally be cheaper than paying for an extra luggage or even an overweight one.


Share airport rides!  If others are heading to the airport at the same time, it may be cheaper to share a Uber than pay the shuttle.  Depending how many of you are headed that way at the same time.  Give them a call and find out about your options.  And if you’re using the shuttle, be sure you are scheduling that ahead of time.

Double and triple check

Don’t leave anything behind!  Check your hotel room time and time again before you end up leaving your eReader (or your toiletries) in the hotel.  Yes, both of these have happened to either myself or a friend.  A girlfriend once left her ereader cover that she had used to collect autographs during the Saturday signing, never to be found again.  It would be especially disappointing if your prized signed book is forgotten in the rush and excitement.  I try and pack the night before I have to check out so that I’m not doing a crazy rush the day of.


Don’t forget to connect with your new book buddies on social media.  Follow people on social media so you can continue your book friendship online after you all go back home.


This is actually a thing.  That first week after RT when you’re back home it’s going to be brutal.  Just plan for it.  You may just be dog tired, or it may involve actually feeling sick.  Happens every single time.


Hope to see you all there!



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I have actually shipped items home before when traveling. It really does help!


Thank you for sharing these super helpful tips Francesca! Safe travels and hope you have a great time!

Amy R

I’ll look forward to everyones RT pics.