Review: Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost

Review: Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost
Best Kase Scenario

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: February 16th 2016
Series: Hyde #2

“So, if you are after a sweet romance with a sexy edge please pick this one up.”
~ Under the Covers

Layla Frost is a new author I discovered recently and have been catching up on her back list. Best Kase Scenario is the second book in her Hyde series and despite the dodgy family friendly cover, it’s actually a sexy romance, with an emphasis on the sexy part. So, if you are after a sweet romance with a sexy edge please pick this one up.

In my previous review I compared Frost to Kristen Ashley and I stand by this comparison in this book as well. They both have an over-wordy, yet easy reading vibe with dramatic and over blown characters that some how works to create a funny and charismatic book. In this book, some of the things that I disliked about the first book were toned down, the number of unnecessary sex scenes decreased, which made the ones you got even hotter and I liked that Kase, our hero, wasn’t the typical bad tempered alpha male, but instead was fairly laid back.

Best Kase Scenario did still have the superfluous suspense plot though, which was tacked right on at the end, and this one was even more far fetched then the plot in Hyde and Seek. Luckily this was a small part of the book, it just puzzled me why it was put in there, it added no extra dimensions, nor did it move the romance along. It was very odd.

By now, we have a whole cast of characters that I can’t wait to read about, from the guys at the Hyde garage and the friends of the heroines. I look forward to whatever book is next in the series.


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Thanks for the review Suzanne

Amy R

Thanks for the review.


I may have to check this out next time I’m in a reading funk.