A Scandalous Affair: Mary Wine

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Welcome to Under the Covers historical week! It’s a week where we catch the historical romance fever and try and show you why we love this genre. I know when I first contemplated reading some historical I was a little embarrassed, I mean it’s a genre only old ladies read right? Oh how wrong I was! Historical romance is a rich and diverse genre that can be light and fun or dark and thought provoking with every shade in between. Which, is why we like to take one week a year to really appreciate it.


Welcome to Under the Covers, Mary! Today we’re going to discuss HIGHLAND VIXEN, which is the second book in the Highland Weddings series. What made you the most excited about writing this book?

Hello! I think the thing I’m most excited about is the one I see popping up the most in the reviews as my Readers biggest frustration. Since these titles are all brides, I want there to be a chase. So the consummation takes a bit of time….okay, maybe more than a bit. I really wanted to play with my heroes just a bit and build the passion up.

You’ve been writing highlanders for a long time! What is your favorite thing about this type of story?

I love the people who face the challenge of living in the Highlands. There is a spirit in them that is as unique as the area they inhabit.

Tell us more about Marcus MacPherson. What is his greatest weakness? What is his greatest strength?

His greatest weakness is his dedication to his duty. It’s also his greatest strength. It’s this trait which brings him and Helen together. She isn’t too fond of him or his reasoning, even if she understands it. In fact, she respects it, except that she is still left in very uncertain circumstances. Watching Marcus come face to face with her plight was a real challenge to write. He isn’t a man who is going to take a personal lapse in judgement well and Helen didn’t want his pity.

What’s your favorite thing about this heroine?

Hellen never gave up. I loved writing her in ‘Highland Spitfire’ because she was the outcast, befriending the newly arrived bride, daughter of the enemy. It seemed fitting that she would have a story to tell and she did. By facing the odds.

How do you get in the right mood to write in different genres?

Research. I love being able to look at the pictures of these places. Historical costuming is also a fascination of mine. I really do enjoy wearing the clothing of the era and hunting down the correct way to make it all. It’s more simple than you might think, for example, this year, I have been working on understanding the cutting of shirts and chemises. Fabric was so expensive, not a bit was ever wasted. So garments tended to be made from squares, rectangles, and triangles because you didn’t want fabric waste. It’s quite different from modern sewing.

What are some of your favorite highlander books?

So many! I think I want to recall my first one, A gentle Feuding by Johanna Lindsey and then there were the Skye O’Malley books by Beatrice Small.

If you could host a dinner party with any author (dead or alive) of your choice, who would it be and why?

Simon Pegg. He’s playing the new ‘Scotty’ on the new Star Trek movies but he also wrote the last one and I think it would be grand to have him over for dinner.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I am closing in for the kill on my fourth Unbroken Hero’s book. These release under my pen name of Dawn Ryder. They are Navy Seals, erotic, edgy stories. They wring me like a dish towel when I am writing them because they are so intense.


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Amy R

Thanks for the post, I’ll be adding this series to my wishlist.


Thank you for the interview! I like the chase and the slow burn, especially in a hisotrical romance. I am not a fan of insta love 🙂


Great interview


I love highlanders! Also, great picture!

Mary Preston

Adding to my wish list.

Diane Sallans

I’m always drawn to stories about Highlanders!


Great post – I enjoyed reading it!


Mary ****in’ Wine!!! This is so awesomel!!! She’s one of my favorite historical/highland romance writers.
Oh my! I’m so far behind the latest releases.
My favorite still is the McJames Series but can’t wait to get started on this one. Gotta go book hunting real soon ???

Sue G.

Love the Skye O’Malley series. She was a real kick butt heroine!


Thanks for the great interview 🙂

Lenna Hendershott

I love Mary’s book and have almost every one. Thanks for the introduction to her newest <3

Lover Of Romance

What a great interview here!! I LOVE Mary Wine, her writing is superb and love the way she writes the culture of the highlands. She definitely does good research and it shows.