Random Thoughts of a Romance Lover: Christmas Cheer

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Christmas Cheer

It’s approaching Christmas and New year as I am sure that you are aware. It’s hard to miss with all the tinsel, baubles and Christmas good cheer being paraded around and sold at a new low low price. But, Christmas and its theme of giving, forgiveness and new beginning got me thinking.

I love books and have been having an ongoing affair with them since I was a teenager, I started off with the magic and swashbucklery of the Fantasy genre, then when I hit my pretentious late teens I started in on the classics. I managed to get through Great Expectations and a number of others; no matter how much I tried though I just couldn’t get past the famous first lines of Moby Dick, ironically enough it’s my very own white whale. It evolved then to Urban Fantasy, which led me to Paranormal Romance, which opened up the Romance genre in general. I find myself in more recent months starting peruse Thrillers and Mysteries, my journey through the book world is ever evolving and expanding.

What does this have to do with Christmas and it’s benevolent themes I hear you ask? Books have given me a lot, comfort, escape, entertainment, education, there seems to be a book for every occasion. In return I spend my time and my money celebrating them, both on Under the Covers and through encouraging/pestering those around me to give a book a try.

But, I find that at times I can be very typically British; there isn’t an emotion that I don’t like to supress in some way. I’m not given to a crass exuberance of emotion and I very definitely don’t trust them. As for my humour…dry as dust most of the time. I am also aware that of all the reviews on Under the Covers, mine are normally the more cynical… so much so, that when I give something more than 3 stars Annie, Angela and Francesca are shocked.

So, I’ve decided to indulge in that exuberance of emotion I was decrying earlier and in the spirit of Christmas, instead of using this post to moan about what the book world is lacking for me, I’m instead going to use it to celebrate. Celebrate how reading and books have made my life that much better. So here it goes:

I love books, even the ones I don’t like. I love the authors who take the time to write them for us. I love the publishers who take those works and put them out for the taking. I love all my fellow readers who are willing to chat with me in genuine concern about the lives of fictional characters. So, Merry Christmas everyone and I hope 2017 is full of good books and good times.

Phew, that was painful! What about the books do you love?




Day 1 

SIGNED copy of SHARDS OF HOPE by Nalini Singh
Hardcover copy of DARK CAROUSEL by Christine Feehan
ARC copy of AN ENCHANTED SPRING by Nancy Scanlon
DEJA WHO by MaryJanice Davidson
ARC copy of MULBERRY MOON by Catherine Anderson
CARTEL by Lili St. Germain

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Federica P

Thanks for the chance,this is fantastic

Sue G.

I’m probably the opposite. If I loved a book, found it interesting with fun characters and a great story it’s usually 4 or 5 stars!


I had to read Moby Dick in college. Was not excited at all. OMG. I think I’ve read it about 8 times and have been thinking about reading it again (it’s been about 20 years since the last time, yes, I’m that old). I loved it. I’ve never been about to get through a Dickins book or Anne Rice novel (not that hers are a classic, but so many rave about them).


Been ABLE, not about


I love to read books for escapism. Fantasy, romance, hisotircal fiction are my favorite genres

Intersting post. I love books especially in the fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy genre’s. Thank you for the giveaway and have a happy holiday!

Alyssa M.

Love the post, Suzanne! I always love your reviews and can respect and enjoy your honest take on what does and does not work for you 🙂 I am also thankful for what the world of books has always offered me. Being able to escape to another world inside a book is simply a balm to my soul that I need frequently.

Kyriaki Sidira

I love reading random thoughts!

Amy R

I read a lot when I was younger then I just stopped about 5 years ago I started reading again because my oldest son told me to read Twilight. I love the escape books give me into another time, place and different situations. I’ve also discovered new music and foods because of books.

Esther Gerdzen

I love books that have a great storyline and great characters .
Happy Holidays .
Thank you for the awesome giveaway .

Jolanda L

Love reading random your thoughts!
Merry Christmas!


I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing some of your experiences! I love books because they helped me survive school which I absolutely hated and because they provide the escape I need from daily life. I read books in almost every genre. I go through phases but when I get bored I always return to my comfort reads and my favourites, contemporary and historical romance.

Artemis Giote

Beautiful post! I agree with you that books have made my (our) life that much better.
Thank you for the chance!!!!

Intragram name : @artemisgiote (I think I put my twitter name, sorry)

Alexandra Cruz

Awesome giveaway 🙂

Thank you fort the chance,
Happy Holidays

Sophia Rose

I think that’s fantastic. I swing between less critical and more critical of my reads, but I do appreciate books, writers, and the places they take my imagination, too.

Joanna M

A woman after my own heart! It’s like you were reading my mind when you posted this. I’m extremely nit picky with all my books, so much so that I hardly ever give more than 4 stars. But hey, when it comes to the library community I couldn’t possibly be more grateful for what it is. So thank you all and Happy Holidays!


I love to read for the escape it provides…I love how words on a page can take me anywhere and everywhere and make me think, question, laugh, cry, get angry…it is an amazing gift authors have that enable them to do this for readers


I started reading books quite early too, in grade school. My grandma had a big box full of short story comics , romance and horror. Then I discovered pocketbooks (in our language),then paperbacks (in English), been addicted since. In college I ventured to thrillers and mysteries. Late 2015, I started reading in kindle and now a year later, I have tons of books to read than I could ever wish for and still want more. Lol . When you grow up with it, I guess it becomes a part of your system no matter how busy life and work could… Read more »

Nihcki S

I have yet to read the classics myself, and I was an English major in college! Had to read bizarre-to-me stuff in class. Anyway, the main reason I like your reviews best is exactly BECAUSE you are cynical (like me) and don’t give everything 4-5 stars. It simply isn’t realistic, unless you’re the sort that walks about smiling all the time. Suspicious behavior, IMO. This is a great giveaway and a great post. Happy Holidays!


I love books because they are a chance to travel a different world and u learn new things plus they make me happy.


Sweet giveaway! Thank you

Jennifer Schaber

Random thoughts are always fun…glad to know that I’m not the only one. LOL! I love being taken away from my reality.

Adrienne HARRIES

books bring me joy like music for my eyes
Christmas carols are books in disguise

Laura Lovejoy-Brunk

I adore your random thoughts…and i love that reading is my escape!

Betul E.

I have been reading books since I can remember. The library was my second home, I don’t even know how I got interested in it, because nobody in my family is an avid reader. The first genre that got me really hooked were Thrillers,. Then I discovered paranormal and urban fantasy and I strictly read those two genres for a very long time. However I now read whatever I am in the mood for. As a reader we evolve and our reading tastes change. Books I loved a couple years ago, I would probably hate if I reread them now.… Read more »

Louise Larsen

A great giveaway 🙂
Thank you for the chance 🙂


great post, books have been a great comfort to me as well adn since 2016 was a terrible year for me i can only hope 2017 will be better

Merry Christmas

Amy Ryan

If I really love a book, its story, characters, and writing in general thats when I give the 5 stars, it takes a bit of thinking when there’s not that combo.. on what to rate that book. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Christmas 😀


I love that they get me thinking about topics differently, they bring me hours of joy, the creativity behind them…

Nancy Jones

Awesome giveaway.


I’ve been a book addict my whole life…I think the best part is that no matter what strikes your fancy, or what interests you in general, there’s bound to be a book to match!

Aly P

Marry Christmas back! I actually like more cynical reviews more, so it works well for me 😀

Elizabeth Haney

I love books too! Merry Christmas!

Mary Preston

Loving this thank you.

Kim Perry

Great post, Suzanne! Happy Holidays!

Maria Theresa Santos

Happy Holidays


I love reading because we get to live many lives!

Shannon Cole

I hate telling people my age and believe it or not sometimes I actually forget. Lol
I’m 33, but once you pass 30 you stop counting! Lol
I love all romance ~ second chance, alpha billionaire bad boys, step brothers, anything as long as there is an HAE!! ?
Merry Christmas!!


Loved the post.


Thank you so much for all these giveaways <3 Merry Christmas to you all <3


Thanks for the chance <3

Janie McGaugh

Great sentiment to have!

Nicole Ortiz

Awesome giveaway!
Thanks for the chance!!

Texas Book Lover

Great post. Random thoughts are always fun to read!

Mariann Murvai

happy holidays!


Merry Christmas Suzanne, enjoy the holidays!

Joanne B

Thanks for the great post. I love the escape that reading brings. Happy holidays.


I’ve just always loved to read. I cant remember ever not reading in my life. I just love getting lost in other worlds.