ARC Review: Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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ARC Review: Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen
Dying for Christmas

5 Stars

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Released: November 22nd 2016

Recommended Read!

“…psychological thriller full of cruelty, abuse and juicy twist, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages as the real story becomes clear.”
~ Under the Covers

A woman is kidnapped in December and for each day of the 12 days of Christmas he gives her a beautifully wrapped gift. Each gift reveals his sad and dark past, giving you an insight into his twisted motivations. But what happens when the 12th day of Christmas is over?

I’ve been trying to find Christmas books to read so I can get start to get into the holiday spirit, unfortunately my quest so far hasn’t been very successful. That is, until I started to read Dying for Christmas, which is an entirely different kind of holiday book. Instead of being an adorable story of love, forgiveness and sexy times, instead it’s a psychological thriller full of cruelty, abuse and juicy twist, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages as the real story becomes clear.

This book had me hooked right from the start as the heroine, Jessica’s, kidnapping ordeal is described from her point of view, this is no whodunit, you know exactly who the kidnapper is right from the start. Atleast you think you do. It is fascinating listening to the tales of each of the macabre gifts that Jessica opens, which reveal so much about Dominic, the kidnappers, past and reveal more of his frightening personality. What also keeps me reading is the possibility of her escape, she has to escape right? It becomes clear the she only has 12 days and once that final “gift” is opened, he plans to kill her.

Of course the story is way more complicated than that. I can’t say that I guessed the twist, and I feel like I may even be spoiling it even letting you know there is one in there. But, as each chapter passes the plot thickens and I found I had to find out what happened next. So, although this wasn’t the Christmas read I was expecting, it has certainly been my favourite of 2016, if you want something a little different I highly recommend you try it.



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Sounds good. Thanks for the review Suzanne


Interesting, thanks


I have put in this in the TBR pile. Sounds delish!

Amy R

Thanks for the review, I’m not a fan of thrillers.