New Releases for September 13, 2016




Hey guys!  So today we have an announcement as it’s the release day of GLORY, the debut book by author Ana Jolene.  Or as we all know her, Annie!  Yes, our very own Annie has released her first book today and we wanted to share the news with you all and let you know about her book (see blurb below).  Here at UTC we are all very proud of our girl and we wish her a HAPPY RELEASE DAY and the very best in this new writing career she’s embarking on.

New Releases for September 13, 2016
Book Info

Released: September 13th 2016
Genre: New Adult
Series: Glory MC #1
Published by Self Published

Nineteen year old, India Beaumont has bipolar II disorder. Living in a world where solar flares have reshaped society, she must fight to survive in Ward Four where the only people thriving are part of an exclusive motorcycle club. Glory MC don’t play well with strangers but when Indy manages to land a job as a bartender at their clubhouse, she gets the fresh start she’s always dreamed of. While everyone else is focused on the flares, no one will be paying attention to her or the disorder she means to keep from everyone.

The president’s son, Ian Haste, is the first to zero-in on her, seeming to sense the kindred spirit that she desperately hides. As secretary and treasurer of Glory MC, Hastie is exactly who Indy needs to avoid, but the reckless lifestyle he lives may also be the one thing that helps him understand her better than anyone else.

As tensions rise between Ward leaders, Indy’s secret threatens to be exposed before she is ready, and with only pieces of the puzzle, Hastie doesn’t know what to believe. When he finally discovers the secret she’s been hiding, will Hastie still be able to love her or will he deem her too crazy even for him?


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Good luck with your new career Annie. I like the sound of your book so I am off to spend my pennies.


Happy Release Day Annie!!! I’ll definitely be reading your debut!! Thanks for the recs and lists!!


Congratulations Annie and good luck!


Congratulations, Annie!!! Major kudos to you for your debut 🙂

Marika Weber/Harlie

Congratulations Annie! 🙂 Wishing you many sales!


Amy R

Roman Crazy & Well Hung are on my wishlist.


Congratulations Annie! So excited for this new adventure you’re embarking on.


Congratulations Annie on debut novel! 🙂
The blurb sounds great! 🙂
And the cover is fantastic! 🙂


How awesome for you Annie! Yay! However now I’ve got even MORE books to add to my TBR list, Glory included, despite the fact I’m not a huge YA/NA fan. It’s gotta be good for me to relate to characters half my age, lol. Congratulations again on publishing your first novel.