Romance Rewind: Small Town with Plenty of Heat

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Tumble Creek by Victoria Dahl

New series are always exciting and we constantly look for that next new release.  But what about the older books, those finished series that might be forgotten in an author’s backlist and maybe you should be considering now?  Here’s one that I’ve been thinking about this week and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to revisit it now while we are still enjoying a bit of summertime.  Because, what’s better than a sexy small town romance in the summer?  I discovered Victoria Dahl many years ago when I read the Tumble Creek series and I admit I gobbled these up like a fiend.  There are still scenes from book 2 and 3 that I remember to this day.  I’ve since then gotten a few friends hooked on this author since and I think it’s time for you to take a look if you haven’t yet because this series is packed full of book boyfriends.  Plus I just noticed the HOT new covers this series got and it’s made me want to re-read them all over again!  With only three full length books, these will be a fast read and each book gets better.


talkmedownTALK ME DOWN
Tumble Creek # 1
by Victoria Dahl

“So she was horny? It wasn’t a crime even if she was thinking about molesting a policeman.”

The first in this series is refreshingly light hearted and fun while still being sexy.  I can’t say Molly was my favorite heroine in this series (they aren’t this series strong suit) but Ben was HOT and they’ve set up this amazing series perfectly.  This is the good boy cop of the bunch.  ~ Under the Covers

“I’ve had a rough six months, okay?” she cried. “Little Blue was my last friend, and frankly the last time his batteries ran out I had a fleeting moment of panic that he’d been compromised!”





startmeupSTART ME UP

Tumble Creek #2
by Victoria Dahl

“I think he could handle being used. It would be good for him. He’s having trouble sleeping.”

Funny, drama, intrigue, and a lot of hot sex, including a very hot but maybe a bit unexpected scene in the back alley behind a restaurant.  Lots of witty and sassy in this book! Plus there’s the twist of the heroine being a mechanic and Quinn, the hero in this one, is a bit more beta and nerdy but the one man who can fulfill all her sexual fantasies.  ~ Under the Covers

“Yeah, I’m kind of proud of myself, too. I was a fucking sex ninja.”





leadmeonLEAD ME ON
Tumble Creek #3
by Victoria Dahl

“Well, ain’t he big as life and twice as natural.”
“He doesn’t look like he’ll be starring in one of those little-blue-pill commercials anytime soon, if you catch my drift.”

LEAD ME ON is my favorite book in this series!  Don’t let this new cover fool you, Chase is the tall, tattooed and with all the markings of a bad boy exterior but with a heart of gold on the inside.  And he’s also everything no-longer-bad-girl Jane thinks she doesn’t need in her life.  But that doesn’t stop her from wanting him.  This book is packed full of sexy with a book-boyfriend-material hero.  And since I just noticed I’ve never officially posted a review here for this book, I may use that now as an excuse to re-read it! ~ Under the Covers

“Jane Morgan had ruined him. Ridden him hard and put him up wet. He might never recover.
Mentally he was even worse off. Who was this girl?”




*My precious signed copies with the original covers*


Have you read these already?  What’s your favorite one?


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Amy R

I read these books a while ago and really enjoyed them.


I loved that series! Victoria Dahl is one of my favorites, her books always make me happy. Highly recommend!

Kathleen Bylsma

Not read these. Thanks for the introduction!


I haven’t heard about these but they sound fun!


I haven’t read these but will definitely check them out