ARC Review: Up in Flames by Abbi Glines

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ARC Review: Up in Flames by Abbi Glines
Up in Flames

2.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: June 28th 2016
Series: Rosemary Beach #14

” It’s just too much of the same book after book and I had wished that Glines had done something different.”
~ Under the Covers

When I heard that Abbi Glines was going to write Nan’s story, I have to admit that I was a little excited. Nan has been the villian of the series. Her annoying, insecure and downright haughty ways have grated on me for the course of the series but I wanted to see if Glines would be able to redeem her.

The hero of this story is someone we have already met in the series but for the sake of not spoiling anyone, I won’t mention who it is. However, I will say that I enjoyed the pairing. How the premise of this story and how they end up together is a little more complicated than it needs to be but if you’re a fan of Glines’ style of writing, I think you’ll like it.

Unfortunately for me, this book was too much of the same. The hero sleeps with people that is not the heroine. We’ve seen this in the early books with Rush and even in the last book. I simply don’t understand this. It doesn’t put the hero in a good light and if the author hopes to make the hero look sexy by doing this, I think there are much better ways to accomplish the same thing. It’s just too much of the same book after book and I had wished that Glines had done something different.

Surprisingly Nan didn’t really annoy me like she has in the other books. She does have some bad moments but she is not as bad as I expected her to be. If readers wanted to read this as a standalone, I would even go and say that they might actually like Nan if they didn’t know her from before. So while I didn’t enjoy what happened in this book, I liked that Glines attempted this book. It’s a good way to end the Rosemary Beach series.




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About Abbi Glines

Since publishing her first novel Breathe in May of 2011, Abbi has also released The New York Times bestselling Seabreeze Series which includes Breathe, Because of Low, While It Lasts, Just For Now and Sometimes It Last, The Existence Trilogy that includes the USA Today Bestseller Ceaseless. New York Times and USA TODAY bestsellers The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers. Last but not least her most popular series to date, Rosemary Beach which includes The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, Forever Too Far, Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection. Her newest book scheduled to be released on December 17th, 2013 is Misbehaving (Seabreeze).

When Abbi isn’t locked away in her office typing away she is hauling her kids to and from their many social activities. You could say her second job is the Glines Kids personal chauffeur. It’s a rather illustrious job.


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I agree…I don’t understand why they have to sleep with other people… I just finished a book like this and it totally put me off the story

Under the Covers Book Blog

Yeah. I don’t see how it helps the HEA.

Irma J

Gosh, I felt the same way. I even rated it the same as you. It was really plane simple and boring. To bad.

Kathleen Bylsma

Nuts…I, too, was hoping for something good to come of Nan…I’ll pass…thanks!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Yeah. I don’t think I was waiting for a redemption simply because that girl has caused so much trouble throughout the entire series, but I was looking for something different to occur. Not the same story again.


I’ve read all of Abbi’s books and she has a distinct pattern of “damsel in distress girl” and “bad boy ready to be tamed”, which I hate. With the exception of one or two male characters, all of her damaged characters are female. This book, and the previous book, for me at least, didn’t even feel like the same series. I was glad to see Nan’s softer side and her true outlook on her self-worth, but I hate that she had to go slut it up like she did. I mean, doing that with the RB guys was one thing,… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

Thanks for your thoughts, Kristy and I totally understand what you mean. The last one also wasn’t a fave of mine and I think this book followed the same pattern. I don’t understand why the authors makes them have sexual acts with other people, but then again, she did with that Rush at the beginning of the series as well. I guess it’s her way of creating conflict. In the end, however, I thought the story in this one just wasn’t up to par with some of the other books I’ve read.


Thanks for the review Annie

kathy valentine

too bad its no so good ive liked some of her other books.

Under the Covers Book Blog

I have too. But a lot of these books are hit and miss. But I still read them anyways cuz they’re easy reads for me 🙂

Amy R

I’ve only read the first 3 books in this series, I’m not really into excessive angst.

Under the Covers Book Blog

This def has some but I don’t think it has as nearly as much as some other NA books out there.