Book Tag: Francesca’s Intimidating TBR

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If you spend any time on BookTube you may have seen the very popular book tags, so we thought it would be fun to jump in on some of them and share our opinions with you all.  And of course, letting you all hear it straight from the source (read video) is always more fun.  So let’s jump in with this week’s book tag!


Let’s get into those TBR’s with this fun Book Tag.  I’m going through a list of questions that I picked books to answer with, just watch for my picks and then share with me what are yours!



What’s on your intimidating TBR?
Share with us in the comments below!



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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Under the Covers Book Blog



Psy-changeling and guild hunter by nalini singh … I started them but stopped and while I really liked both I just haven’t gotten back to them :-/

Under the Covers Book Blog

Awwwwww I loved the psy-changeling series but there are definitely some books that are better than others. That was a series I read all the way through to what was out at the time (it was before Kiss of Snow came out so I could read that on release) so that made me get through those not so memorable ones faster because I was speed reading the series.


Totally agree with you on Beyond Shame I did finish it but only because I don’t like having unfinished books. Also my most intimidating is Outlander too I am slowly making my way through it but I read a chapter or two every couple of months. A friend of mine is nagging me to finish it too she hasn’t seen the series but I have.

Under the Covers Book Blog

That may be a good way to do it! Taken in small doses but maybe finished at the end of a …. year or two 😉

Sophia Rose

Well, the Kit Rocha book also sits on my TBR pile and I have the Bronze Horseman on the pile, too. I love the Guild Hunter series, but I do get the strong influence of mood. Outlander series are big hunky ones and yes, they are bulked up with the historical detail. I suppose you could skim a bit to the more exciting parts.

I have so many on my pile that intimidate me. I just read one that was sitting there for two years. I knew it would make me sob and it did. 🙂

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh yes, the intimidating heartbreak book. I have a few of those as well.


These days I’m pretty much done with erotic romance, so I wasn’t even tempted to download Beyond Shame when it was free as I knew it would have too much sex. I actually did read one of the later books in the series and it was okay, but yup, too much sex. As for the most intimidating book on my TBR pile, it’s definitely Outlander. I bought it on sale several years ago (prior to the start of the TV series) but I have to admit I haven’t even been tempted to read it even though I do like history… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

Isn’t that funny? I feel the same way. I love history and I think I would love Jamie so much but not an ounce of temptation to read it.

I love seeing Patricia Briggs, the A&O is one series I keep wanting to START and I haven’t yet. Let’s do it!

Chris Alexander

Outlander is on my DNF shelf. I just couldn’t get past 100 pages. I even picked up the ebook when it was free a few years ago with the thought to give it another go. It’s languishing while I’ve passed on the mass market to my mom. I don’t know if she’s even cracked it. It’s too bad about the Beyond series. I think the first was very sex heavy in comparison to later novels, but the characters and world building have been magnificent as the series progressed. I’ve learned not to push my book loves on friends that don’t… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

I’ve heard that about the Beyond series getting better. I’m scared to try again!