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Tie The Knot Gay Marriage


Applejack Shots and Beer Part 5

Rain on the glass, reminds me of you

A sip of hot chocolate, a song played in blue

Lyrics written on a postcard

Melody slick, deep and charred

Anyone not loving you

Ain’t trying that hard

Shout at the moon, dance in the rain

Give me your heart, I’ll keep back the pain

— Rain and the Blues

Rafe felt every bump on the sidewalk under his feet by the time they got to Finnegan’s. His knees hurt,  he was pretty sure his ass fell off a few blocks back, possibly on the hill Sionn took at full speed and without a doubt, he’d gotten a beak in his left eye when they’d turned down onto the pier then took on a storm of seagulls taking flight towards the fishing boats coming in.

If Rafe hadn’t been dead sure Sionn loved him like a brother, he’d have thought the brawny Irish man was trying to kill him.

Or he was sure right up until the moment Sionn slapped down a heavy mug onto one of Finnegan’s outdoor tables and a black sludge sloshed up over the thick rim with a sullen oozing a cheap treacle would be proud of.

“What is this shit? Coffee?” Rafe was man enough to admit he was too scared to sip at the brew, especially when he thought he heard a growl come up from its bubbling depths. “Dude, this is fucking Kraken shit. What the hell?”

“Just drink the damned thing,” Sionn grumbled, swinging his chair around. Straddling the seat, he leaned his arms across the chair’s back, picking at the sugar cubes he’d brought out on a plate. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“This, my friend, is the blood of a very bitter, sour woman who spends her life ironing out dogears from library book pages.” Sniffing at the coffee only assured Rafe his friend went insane at some point during the morning’s run and he’d only just noticed. “You could use this strip oil off of otters.”

“So I made it a little strong.” Sionn’s shrug tested the seams of his shirt. “Ye’ve never complained before.”

“There’s strong and then there’s tar,” Rafe muttered. “I stick a spoon in this shit and I’m going to be pulling out mammoth bones. I’m going to make another pot. Don’t…Jesus, if a witch comes by with an apple, eat that instead of drinking this shit.”

A pod coffee maker was going to have to do. Finnegan’s old brewing machine was a complicated dance of hoses, steaming nozzles and a bean grinder angry enough to spit out nails if it didn’t like the person manning the dials. A few minutes later, Rafe emerged from the pub holding two steaming fresh cups of at least drinkable coffee and found his best friend with his head down on the table, snoring up a storm.

A true friend would have gotten one of the oversized hoodies Finnegan’s sold from under its bar to cover Sionn and let him sleep but Rafe wasn’t a true friend. No, when all was said and done, he considered Sionn a brother—if a Portuguese Catholic mutt could have an Irish brother who could pound him into the ground with a massive swipe of his clenched paw.

Putting the coffee down on one of the far tables, Rafe walked back over to Sionn and did what any loving, nearly-twin would do to their brother.

He kicked Sionn’s chair hard enough to rattle the man’s head and then stepped back when Sionn came up swinging.

“I’m going to fucking tear ye apart one day, Andrade.” Sionn rasped, his Irish hot and thick around his words. “And no fucking jury in the world would convict me. They’ll probably hang a medal on me for it.”

“You wouldn’t last a goddamned day after you walked out of the court room,” Rafe scoffed as he moved the coffee over to the table. “Quinn would fuck your shit up before you could even thank the judge.”

“Bastard would,” Sionn conceded. Rubbing at his face, he sighed then reached for the coffee. “Thanks. I’m… a bit tired.”

“Damien’s getting in as much as he can before we roll out?” Cocking his head, he chuckled at Sionn’s uplifted fingers. “Crude, Murphy, and hardly original.”

“Mostly it’s him talking. Second-guessing himself.” Sionn added a few sugars and a dollop of cream to the brew, swirling it together with a rapid tap of a spoon. “Ye’ve got him worried. Hell, he’s just worried all around. Wonders if he’s right in doing this. Wonders if he’s asking too much of Miki for going.”

“Where Damien roams, Miki’s in his footsteps,” Rafe replied. “Forest and I are merely along for the ride. It’s the two of them that makes this thing work. For all my fucking hubris and narcissism, I’m the first one to admit I’m barely good enough to play the shit they write together. Humbles a man when he knows he’s standing behind two guys who can kick his ass on the frets and not even blink but damn them for not rubbing my face in it.”

“Yer good,” he snorted, bringing his cup up to his mouth. “They wouldn’t have had you with them if ye weren’t.”

“I’m good but they’re…it’s hard to explain, Murphy.” Rafe searched for the words to explain away the emotions he had when he shared a stage with the Sinners boys. “It’s scary how they click into each other. How they play together is insane. Because music’s not work for them, not like it is for the rest of us. Sure, we hit grooves but they’re… it’s like they’re bleeding out into a crystal chalice and daring the rest of us to sip at the stars pouring out of their veins. Closest thing I’ve come to being in a spiritual orgy was at three o’clock last night, we slipped into Devil’s Waiting and I thought, fuck my life…I’ve got Quinn and Crossroads. I must have died and gone to Heaven.”

“He’s Heaven for me too,” Sionn whispered then shot Rafe a cocky grin. “As hard as it is to let him go, Damie’s got to fly and the three of you…not just Miki… are his wings.”

“Well then,” Rafe saluted Sionn with his coffee. “Here’s hoping I’m not made of wax and we don’t fly too close to the fucking sun.”


Available June 22, 2016

[new-release title=”Absinthe of Malice” author=”Rhys Ford”]


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About Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats, a black Pomeranian puffball, a bonsai wolfhound, and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and a red Hamilton Beach coffee maker.



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Kimberly Curington

I have Absinthe pre-ordered, and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Sadonna Swann

My paperback came already!! LOL! Can’t wait 😀


maaan i cannot wait to read this book!


Great Icarus reference. I think that one deserves to be lyrics in the song as well.

Andy Slayde

Love this! I love the relationship Rafe and Sionn have. And Rafe’s right – I’d hate to face an angry Quinn.
I look forward to reading more. 🙂

Sandy Athey

Cannot wait for this book – love all these guys. And Rafe and Sionn are awesome together


ready for the tour to begin 🙂

Miranda P

I forgot how much I like Rafe and Sionn together lol.


Loving this story and looking forward to the book so much!


Love the banter between Sionn and Rafe. 🙂


Loving the relationships between the different characters, friendship/brotherhood.
The lyrics and descriptions.

Sophia Rose

I have the first book, but wow, didn’t realize there were that many in the series already. Need to get busy.

Enjoyed the excerpt!

Tammy S

Can’t wait to read this book. Already have it pre-ordered


Nice long excerpt. Thanks! :


I’m really enjoying the story and thanks for the contest!


Love these scenes between Rafe & Sionn – there is such love between these brothers by choice.


Love Rhys, so this will be great!

Judy Stone

Swoon! Another great snippet–I love that brothers-of-the-heart Sionn and Rafe act just like flesh and blood brothers. Thanks for the giveaway and I’m looking forward to reading Absinthe of Malice when it goes live.

Serena S.

Thanks for the chance!


I cannot wait for the release of this book!!!

Echo Marie

Part of what is exciting about this book is that there is the possibility of the music growing as a character. The music is the siren calling to Damie and making him form the new band and head out on the road. Will the music become a lover that threatens relationships, sanity, or sobriety?


Thanks for the excerpt!


One of my favorite series! Hope it keeps going.


I’m really enjoying the Applejack Shots & Beer snippets. Can’t wait for Absinthe of Malice!


I like the sound of this book

Pansy Petal

This sounds like a fun series. I will have to check it out. Thank you.


I just got Sinner’s Gin (with all the hoopla about this series I might as well start from first book! ;p) I know I won’t catch up by the time this book release, but at least I start. 😀
Thank you for the post.


So excited for this book.


Just binge read this series. Love it! Can’t wait for this book.


I’m ready for it to be out already!


Love the banter between the Rafe and Sionn.

Jackie Gottberg

I am so pumped for this book


Here’s hoping Rafe (or any of they guys) are not made of wax. Thanks for another great excerpt!


Great excerpt. Thank you

Inez Garcia

Just a few more days to go. This shorts are keeping me busy until the book comes out. Can’t wait to read more about all the guys and the Morgans.


Wow I really freaking live these characters. Gah, I am not patient!!!!!

Ree Dee

I can’t wait to read this! I am loving all the APPLEJACK SHOTS AND BEER bits! Thank you for sharing!


I get so lost in the language and phrasing Rhys uses in her stories


“This, my friend, is the blood of a very bitter, sour woman who spends her life ironing out dogears from library book pages.” What a great description. I love the whole story so far. 🙂


Thank you for the story! So looking forward to reading this.


It’s so nice seeing their friendship! 😀

Cherry Starr

Hee hee. Your dialogue can always make me laugh! That is if it’s not making me cry. Sometimes both at the same time.


Cannot wait

Heather Rawlins

I’ve loved reading the shorts and can’t wait to read Absinthe of Malice, and since I’ll be on vacation I’ll have time to reread the whole series!

Kimberly Curington

I love these characters, and can’t wait to read this!


Totally looking forward to this book.

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Thanks for the post, I haven’t read anything by Rhys Ford yet.

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Re-reading the series now to refresh my memory. Love the Sinners series. Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough. ?