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Welcome to Under the Covers, Sarah! Since this is your first time here, tell us five things about yourself that readers wouldn’t know.

1) Every morning when I wake up, I strike power poses in the mirror and shamelessly flirt with my reflection—gives me all the confidence I need for the rest of the day! If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else?

2) I got a metal pink flamingo lawn figurine in a white elephant Christmas party last year that I absolutely despised when it was first opened. It’s been sitting in the middle of my living room for 6 months now, confusing everyone who comes by, and I love it more than any other décor in my entire house now. Sometimes comfort is in the ugly parts of life.

3) I just finished watching the Ann Hathaway movie, The Intern, and cried for like a straight hour. I still tear up just thinking about it, and about the idea of living a life of purpose and fulfillment. I want to go to my grave knowing I made myself happy, I worked for everything I got, and I never said no to an opportunity.

4) I watch the Kardashians religiously and follow all their tabloid stories, social media, and news articles almost daily. There I said it. Never be ashamed to admit what you like!

5) My favorite book of all time was from elementary school- The Cay by Theodore Taylor. It still sits on my bookshelf in a place of pride—the perfect reminder to never take anyone in your life for granted, because one day they may be all you have, and then they may be gone.

How did the idea for the Kavanagh Legends series come about?

While this series centers around a Mixed Martial Arts gym and its fighters, the idea of the Kavanagh family itself actually came to me first. Coming from a big ethnic family, I knew I always wanted to write about that kind of wacky, heartfelt dynamic only giant families have, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it! The Kavanagh men are alpha male brothers in a very Irish, very close knit family in the Bronx who all work or train at the family gym, Legends. My favorite thing about this series is the relationship between the brothers and their smothering, loving parents!

There’s a lot of emotions in this installment, not only the from the hero/heroine but also with Fiona’s sister. Can you tell us something about your research for her character?

Fiona’s little sister, Shea (pronounced Shay), is truly one of my favorite characters of all time, but did involve a massive amount of research. Any time a writer tackles something so sensitive, like autism spectrum disorder, it’s hard to find the line where you’re both being PC but also accurate. Luckily, I was able to find several mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder to read the book as I wrote it, and offer guidance to where I was or was not off track with Shea’s character. I had a firm base to some extent, having received a Masters in the psychological field, as well as having spent years working in residential treatment programs for mentally ill persons. Having the guidance of these mothers, along with plenty of academic research and my past occupational experiences, was able to help me create a truly sweet, realistic little girl with autism spectrum disorder.

What was your favorite scene to write? What about the hardest one?

Oh man, this is hard to say without posting a spoiler! I’ll just have to be slightly vague *grins*! My favorite scene, by far, is always the Sunday Dinners at the Kavanaghs. Every novel in this series has that scene at least once in the book, and they’re so fun. Having that many characters in one place at one time is very hard to write and I always worry it sounds muddy, but I just think it’s so fun. The family dynamic is always funny and playful. The hardest scene to write was about two-thirds of the way in when Kieran’s past catches up with him. I can’t say more without spoiling it, but I absolutely HATED doing to him what I did. After everything he’d done to better himself and change his life, only to be dragged back down by something that wasn’t even his fault, man… that hurt me to write. But it needed to be done, and the story is better for it!

We love your covers!! How much of a say do you have in the design and which one is your favorite?

My favorite cover right now is Book 3, Becoming a Legend! How mean is that to say since the public hasn’t seen it yet? 🙂 Maybe by the time this article is published, the cover will be live, but if not, you’ll just have to take my word for it! I do love all my covers though, and I get a lot of input into the basic design and photo used on each cover. However, I do not have a good eye for design, so I’m not much help and often what they present to me is far better than anything I could have dreamt up! The entire Kavanagh Legends series does have fantastic covers, and that’s all thanks to my publisher, Random House.

What does your typical day look like from dusk til dawn?

I feel like I never have a typical day! It always feels like each day is insanely different and overwhelming, but I’m trying to find a more regular routine to stick with. Normally I’m up by 7 or 8am, have breakfast with my husband before he goes to work. Once he’s gone, I write either at home or I walk down to Starbucks and write there until lunch. I’ll come home for lunch, try to make something healthy since I’m on a health kick lately, and maybe go to the gym. The afternoons are when I have to work at my non-writing job, so I usually do that for a few hours and by the time I’m done, my husband is almost home, so it’s time to make dinner. Evenings are usually spent either with him, or doing marketing for my writing, or sometimes we go to the gym together then. I always feel like I’m behind though, never have enough hours in the day! I try to be asleep by midnight at the latest, although preferably earlier, and cuddle up with our insane amount of pets who shove me into the far corner of the bed.

What’s the last book that kept you up all night reading under the covers?

I’m currently reading through Audrey Carlan’s CALENDAR GIRL series which is TWELVE (yes, 12!) books long. I’m on December finally, and man, they are great! I’ve ended up reading some of those late into the night for sure! Before that, I read LOVEGAVE by Tracy Wolff, which is a romantic psychological thriller that had all my hair standing on ends and my heart pounding. I really adored Tracy’s writing, it’s so beautiful and lyrical. She’s seriously everything I wish I was as a writer.

We like to get to know our authors just a little more. And when we say personal, we mean quick fire questions. *smiley grin*

Cat or dog? Dogs, with the exception of one cat. I have a bunch of both, and only 1 of my 5 cats is my baby. The rest are kind of jerks. I do have 3 dogs though, and they’re all jerks, but somehow I love them more for it!
Coffee or tea? Coffee. I’ve never been a tea person ever. I’ve tried, I really have, but I’d rather just have a glass of water. It’s just no taste to me. Coffee is my best friend, and I’ll drink it straight black way before I’d drink tea.
Beer or wine? I generally prefer wine over beer, but there are some beers out there I absolutely love. However, I pretty much love all wine, so definitely wine.
Brief or boxers? I don’t usually wear either hahaha! But on a guy, I’d say boxer briefs- long enough not to look like panties, but tight enough to hug all the right places.
Bra or no bra? Bra. I hate the feeling of them, but I would die without them. I can’t release these giants into the wild without protection.
Jeans or yoga pants? Jeans. I feel like they’re more forgiving in the bulging thighs department, and they make me look like I actually went out that day.
Print or ebook? Ebook. I only have print books that are signed and important to me, but I won’t read them. If there’s a book on my bookshelf I want to read, I just buy the ebook instead! I love, love, love my Kindle Paperwhite.
Iphone or other? I have an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s massive and obnoxious and my best friend.

What’s next for Sarah Robinson?

Hopefully a lottery win! I’m currently working on a non-romance fiction novel that I really adore, and is different than anything I’ve ever written before. I’m very excited about the prospect of that book. I am also working on the fourth book in the Kavanagh Legends series, which I already love more than the first 3! I’m also working on a couple more indie self published titles that I’ll hopefully put out sometime over the next few years.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and answering our questions!


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About Sarah Robinson

Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes & Noble and Amazon Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. She is newly married to a local police officer, Justin, who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.



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Sarah Robinson

Thank you so much! I loved doing this interview!

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Thanks for the intro and Cover/blurb! Shelved on Goodreads!


O M G I love how you start your day!

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Thanks for the post, I’ve read book 1 of this series.


Great interview. I’m also a fan of these covers