Book Tag: Annie’s Top 5 OTPs

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If you spend any time on BookTube you may have seen the very popular book tags, so we thought it would be fun to jump in on some of them and share our opinions with you all.  And of course, letting you all hear it straight from the source (read video) is always more fun.  So let’s jump in with this week’s book tag!


This is actually an adaptation of a book tag, so not following along with the actual questions of the tag created by Kirstin Reads, but nonetheless Annie is sharing her favorite OTPs, or One True Pairings.



Did any of your favorites make her list?  What are yours?
Share with us in the comments below!



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love ty and zane and mac and barrons…i also love kate and curran


and charley and reyes!!

Under the Covers Book Blog

I love all those you mentioned!!! It was so hard choosing only five. I have so many!

Heather Fowler

I’m 1000% with you on Dallas/Roarke. I have a penchant for series where there is a core couple, and these two are definitely my favorite. I’ve had Cut and Run and the Fever series on my TBR FOREVER, but you know how those ugly lists just tend to grow and grow, mocking you from your Goodreads account, and you end up lamenting the brevity of mortality, because you know you’ll be dead before you could ever get to the end of it! Okay, maybe just me, then. 😀 I also have my own writing, and I do reviews as well.… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

LMAO! Girl you are hilarious. And yes, I know exactly what you mean. But if you get the chance, I would highly HIGHLY recommend reading the books. They are my faves for a reason!!


I love Mary and Rhage and Barrons and Mac too! Also Reyes and Charley!

Under the Covers Book Blog

I wanted to put Reyes and Charley in it too! It was so hard choosing only 5!

Amy R

Ty and Zane!!! I also love Charley & Reyes, most of KA’s couples, Kate & Curran, Janie & Quinn (Penny Reid’s knitting in the city series), Claire & Jamie Frasier, and Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh you named all of my faves! I also wanted to include Claire and Jamie. So hard to pick only 5 though.

Darynda Jones

YES! Fantastic choices!!! I love them all except the one I haven’t read which was from the book Cut and Run. Off to buy now! Thanks, Annie!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Oh man!! You need to! I die for these two. They are literally so perfect together. I will warn you though, there’s quite a bit of angst but that’s what makes it so delicious!


Okay, Annie, I love to your picks and I’ve read most, but not all of the books. Loved the video! Three pairings I must mention— my favorites— are Ildiko and Brishen from Grace Draven’s Radiance and Eidolon, from her Wraith King series. Next, I love Judd and Brenna from Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series. Finally, Reyes and Charley from Darynda Jones Grave series. I could go on and on and on… Thanks again for the video

Under the Covers Book Blog

Thanks Vicki! Everyone keeps talking about the Draven series! I’m so out of it! I really need to just jump on the bandwagon and read it so I can be cool like every else!