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Hi Kresley! We’re thrilled to have to back at Under the Covers to chat a little bit about THE PLAYER. 

Thanks for having me, Francesca!

Who is Dmitri Sevastyan and what do you think readers will like most about his character?

Dmitri Sevastyan is the youngest of three brothers. He’s a computer and math prodigy and self-made billionaire. For almost thirty years, he has desperately sought to erase the emotional scars from his harrowing upbringing.

I think readers will enjoy his single-minded pursuit of Vice. He is ruthless when it comes to possessing her. He’s also so vulnerable because of his past. Readers tell me they felt the need to hold him when reading his story!

Your heroines are always fun and full of personality and Vice is no different. What is one quality that you think every heroine should have?

A sense of humor! I don’t mind throwing a lot of obstacles in front of a heroine as long as she can use her wits and humor to overcome or endure them.

On that note, what is your favorite thing about Victoria’s character?

I love how loyal Vice is to both her family and to Dmitri. Her family’s motto is “to the grave” because their loyalty to each other will never end.

You’ve written some excellent sex scenes in this series and THE PLAYER doesn’t disappoint ;). What would you say is the key to writing a steamy scene filled with chemistry?

Thank you! I think the key is to tailor the scenes to the characters’ individual quirks, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and turn-ons, and then push their boundaries beyond what they’ve ever experienced (emotionally, physically). A steamy scene must have naked characters at some point—not undressed necessarily, but emotionally revealed.

After writing a scene, I apply the EST TEST. I ask myself if that interlude was the steamiest, rawest, and lustiest it could possibly be between those characters at that point in time. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

These brothers are definitely smoking hot!  What’s your favorite thing about each one of them?

I enjoy how different they are, despite having so many things in common. While quiet Aleks is all seething intensity, Maksim is a charming playboy who’s a “master” with words. Dmitri’s personality is a tumultuous blending of theirs. At times, he can be one of the most intense males you’ll ever meet. Other times, his charm will knock you off your feet.

Do you have a favorite scene in THE PLAYER that you can share without being spoilery?

My favorite scene changes with each reread! Right now, it’s when Vice wakes up in the middle of the night to find Dimitri standing at the edge of a cliff, facing the storm-tossed sea as he confronts his past.

How different is your process for writing contemporary instead of paranormal romance?

For me, it’s not that much different, though the paranormal is much more labor intensive (getting the background details perfect after sixteen books is challenging!)

What’s next for Kresley Cole?  Yes, we need more!

I’m currently working on the next Immortals After Dark novel, tentatively titled WICKED ABYSS (you heard the title first!).

I’m also wrapping up an Arcana Chronicles novella titled DAY ZERO. I can’t wait to share more of this world with readers. We’ll see the Flash from several different characters’ points of view. I’ll also introduce some new players who will feature prominently going forward in the series.

In my spare time, I’m working on two super-secret projects. More to come soon!

We can’t wait!


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About Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series and the young adult Arcana Chronicles. She has also written five award-winning historical romances.

Since her first novel was released in 2003, Kresley has published nineteen books with Simon & Schuster and has seen her releases translated into more than eighteen foreign languages. She has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. Two of her favorite places to visit include the rain forests of Central America and the Queensland area of Australia.

Cole’s trademark action, sensuality, and humor are exemplified in her popular Immortals After Dark Series, which revolves around the Lore, a secret stratum of hundreds of immortal creatures--ranging from Vampires to Lykae, Furies to Shifters, and Fey to Valkyrie--that each have their strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Though they secretly live among humans, they constantly war among themselves, which gives her a lot of material.

In 2007, Kresley won the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award for best paranormal for her novel A Hunger Like No Other, and in January 2009, she became a #1 New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller with her sixth IAD installment, Kiss of a Demon King. In 2010, Kiss of a Demon King earned Kresley her second RITA award. 2011 brought Cole her second #1 NYT bestseller with Dreams of a Dark Warrior.

She lives in Florida with her husband and far too many animals. She spends any free time traveling and enjoys all things related to boats and water.



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Great interview Francesca and Kresley! I am a die-hard Game Maker series fan and have LOVED everyone of the books so far. Thanks for sharing such fabulous characters with us!!

Amy R

Thanks for the post, I haven’t read many books by Kresley Cole.

I love your highlights! I follow you on YouTube too and love to see the stuff you post! Thanks for interviewing Kresley. One of my absolute favorite authors!


I loved the interview, I’ve read all Kresley’s books and can’t wait to get stuck in this one.

Ruth S.

Sounds like a great series!

Viki S.

My highlight this weekend will be dinner at the PUB. It’s an English pub in Cleveland, imagine that ;).


Love what you said about heroines! That type is my favorite


Great interview…looking forward to reading The Player

Lacey T

I love this series! Love that you asked how to write a steamy scene – KC is so good that those! 😉

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