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THE BALLER by Vi Keelend: This was a fun and sexy read, very light and featuring a cocky quarterback.  I kept expecting something to go terribly wrong but I’m pleased to say it’s not one of those angst ridden books.  Very enjoyable!

WILDFLOWER by Drew Barrymore: This was my new monthly positive reading book and I surprisingly enjoyed this a lot.  I listened to the audio and it’s narrated by Drew herself.  It was fun to learn more about her life, maybe understand some of what she was going through at certain times in her life, and it was nice to see the things she learned and how she’s grown through every one of those stages of her life.

GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen: I finally read her!  I’ve wanted to for a while and this was the perfect time because I really needed a non romance book and this had just enough romance to sway me but the storyline and the writing was beautiful and captivating!


MIDNIGHT REVENGE by Elle Kennedy: I was highly anticipating this one because I absolutely love this series.  Although this one didn’t wow me, I’m still a fan of the series and can’t wait to see what comes next.

THE HUNTER by Kerrigan Byrne: The first book in this series surprised me and I really enjoyed it and THE HUNTER follows in that same style with another Victorian Rebel.  This time we have a killer for hire and he falls for his latest mark.  I find the premises of these books really refreshing and the author does a great job at painting the right atmosphere to the stories.

FIRSTLIFE by Gena Showalter:  First of all…. THAT COVER!  And it’s Gena Showalter so I have high expectations of loving this new young adult series.

HE WILL BE MY RUIN by K.A. Tucker:  THAT BLURB!  I’ve read this author before but not in this genre so I’m very curious and totally intrigued with the blurb.  I can’t wait to dive into another non-romance book and hopefully this is a good thriller 🙂

UNEXPECTED RUSH by Jaci Burton: Well…. like I said in my video.  It’s Jaci Burton!  It’s the Play by Play series.  MUST READ!

THE LIE by Karina Halle:  I’m behind on this collection of standalones and hope to catch up so I can read this one this month.  I have enjoyed the two previous books I read set in this world so I can’t wait for another one.

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hewillbemyruin Firstlife

So what about you? Anything you read in January that blew you away?
What about your most anticipated books of February?


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Amy R

Thanks for the recs, I’ve read a few, have a few on my TBR pile and a few on my wishlist.


Yay…laura kaye and maya rodale!


I’m really looking forward to reading He Will Be My Ruin